Are Custom Linux Kernels Faster than Stock?

Running Windows Software on Android and Chrome OS May Soon Be Possible

Crossover is a software that lets you run Windows-based applications on a Linux computer or MAC. CodeWeavers, the company that developed CrossOver, has been working on an Android version of the tool that would enable you to run Windows programs on Android devices.

How Can Mobile Software Development Companies Help Small Business?

Today, most of the businesses, be it an eCommerce website, or a bank, a school or a cab service provider, everyone needs a mobile app to expand their reach and grow their business. Even the business owners, who once did not consider having an online presence for their business, are now looking at owning a mobile app for it.

Data Marketing in Hospitality: Smart, Fast and Maximized Direct Bookings

When it comes to widely deployed and scientifically advanced Revenue management systems, hoteliers these days are well acquainted with the catchphrase “Big Data”. The industry has realized why this data has to be utilized in terms of marketing, sales and customer engagement. Some of them carry the notion that exploiting Big Data is same as studying CRM or past guest data.

Software Product Maintenance

With the ever-going technology requirements, it has been important to focus on software product maintenance apart from following the software development life cycle (SDLC) process. To state simply, software product maintenance is whatever follows after the first release, whether it’s fixing a minor bug issue or adding a new feature. There are various reasons as why the software maintenance would be required: Customer/client requirements: Over the time of the product existence, the customer/client would require a new update or new features to be added.

Understanding the Two Most Popular Issue Tracking Tools

JIRA is a commercial software and the prices are based on the number of users. Also JIRA is an open source for non profit organizations and the source code is available for those having a developers licence. Bugzilla on the other hand has always been an open source giving it an advantage over JIRA in terms of use.

Seeking Help From IT Support Companies For Windows 10 Features

Many people got so excited when Windows 10 was made available. Perhaps the decision to upgrade was easy because the invitation to update just appeared on the taskbar. It’s the latest version, so, why not?

5 IoT-Based iPhone Mobile App Development Services That Can Be Designed Using iBeacon

Apple’s iBeacon technology was first announced in 2013 and after three years with iOS7 the iPhone came GPS-equipped and could sense when you have moved between rooms. It had passive infrared sensors that only worked when there was continuous motion in the room. The iBeacon is a series of small transmitters that can be placed around a limited space and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to triangulate the phone’s relative location to the smartphone.

How to Yield the Success In Testing Through the Test Coverage Control?

Software development is a many-sided process that involves a set of various actions and stages, one of which is software testing. It is aimed to maintain the quality assurance, hence, the improvement of the product quality level – the main direction for a test team.

5 Mobile Application Development Trends for 2016

Mobile applications are transforming in their usability and content as the device and operating systems upgrade. With simple use of mobile camera as a scanning device, applications have matured to use IoT technologies to perform more complex operations such as operating electronic devices at home. We bring you 5 mobile application development rends for the year 2016.

The Best Business Hack: Using IT Services Outside the Business by a Managed Team

A world without IT managed services would be a mess. Take a moment to consider all the internal systems, availability, websites, development and disaster recovery to name a few. Being concerned with IT issues takes the focus off of what the business is really about, and that’s why IT managed services are a great investment.

Consulting in the Cloud – Why These Professionals Are Invaluable

Cloud consultants aren’t all that much different when it comes to both contracting and consulting firms. The economic setup of cloud-based consulting services is much different when it comes to the price points – mainly the monthly fee associated. A faster cycle time and smaller project portions are a result, and the cloud consultants must meet a set level of profitability when it comes to them.

Understand and Satisfy Business Accounting Needs With the Right Software

Choosing the right online accounting software is a careful process that many business owners are unaware of. They may have a clue as to what they need to do, but when careful steps are taken they can ensure they have the best option for their personal business needs. An important first step would be to create an analysis addressing financial and managerial needs and it should not be rushed.

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