AV Linux – A Distro for Creators?

Make Your Own: Prototyping iPhone Cases

You have to be very selective when it comes to choosing the material to be used for your project. There are so many different materials available that you can have a tough time selecting one, such as leather, hydrocarbon, polymer, synthetic leather, plastic, fiber, rubber, and more.

VoIP Softswitch: The Most Important Factor of VoIP Revolution

Recently, the world has witnessed the massive change in technology in the every arena. So, without being an exception the telecom industry has also changed a lot with new innovations and developments. At present time, the VoIP communication technology is dominating over the large share of telecom industry.

VoIP, Calling Card and Call Back Billing Software: Increase the Efficiency of Your VoIP Business

The development in the internet technology has also provided strength to various different technologies directly or indirectly. The telecommunication industry is the one among such technologies that has greatly benefited with the advancement of internet.

How to Use Online Resources for Creating Legal Forms and Documents

A few years back, people used to obtain legal forms from lawyers, government offices and public notaries. But now people have started generating legal papers and forms on their own by seeking the help of specialized software and tools.

Enjoy Fabulous Online Tech Support for Your PC

Online tech support is the “in thing” in this day and age. It’s hassle-free, easy to avail, yet really affordable as well. A customer just requires a phone call to reach out to a technician and a high speed Internet connection to impart remote PC access. All software-related issues including installation maintenance of operating system and other licensed software, protection from online threats, and connectivity with devices and peripherals fall under the scope of online technicians to resolve.

Is Email Alert On Mobile That Important?

In today’s world where emails have become an integral part of our everyday lives, it is important that one constantly keeps in touch with his email address. Of late, emails are used to do virtually everything. For instance, applying for a job, making an inquiry about a product or service, receiving notifications from one’s social network, sending out and receiving photos and invitations that put smiles on one’s face as well as just communicating with one’s friends and loved ones.

Uninstall CCleaner – How to Safely Uninstall CCleaner?

Do you find it difficult to utterly uninstall CCleaner? If this is the case you can read this article to uninstall it completely from your system in a safe and easy way.

Comparison of Key Database Solutions (MS SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle 9i)

With the exponential increase in digital data required by an enterprise, efficient storage of such data is of paramount importance for every enterprise. In this article, key features of three leading database solutions have been discussed.

Enhanced Software Quality With Agile Development Process

The enlisted article is about the agile software development process. In this process, superior quality can be assured because of their frequent testing during their development procedure.

Desktop Application Development – What You Need to Know

    Leveraging the power of the web is probably the only way which can help a business improve its prospects with time. With a series of carefully chosen desktop and mobile applications, even a small business can give some serious competition to the big and powerful enterprises in its sector. And the effects are pretty long-lasting.

Promote Your Business With Closed Loop Marketing Apps

As a modern and innovative trend closed loop marketing strategies can really help in your business promotion in a more effective and efficient way. Closed loop marketing apps can really work wonders for your business and can also help you to profit like you have done never before.

Using the Grep Command

The grep command is a simple Linux command line utility used for locating strings of text in files. Here we’re going to walk through a brief tutorial on using the grep command. Grepping a single file We’re going to assume that we have a single file labeled “declaration” that contains part of the Declaration of Independence.

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