DmC Devil May Cry on Linux | Configuration and Gameplay

Why Microsoft Azure Is the Most Desirable for Enterprises?

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud computing platform that enables enterprises to build, deploy and manage applications promptly through Microsoft managed and its partner hosted data centers. It has the capability to integrate the public cloud applications with the current IT environment and helps to build applications using any framework, language or tools.

Why Does Your Enterprise Need SharePoint Charting Solutions?

Enterprise focused SharePoint charting solutions can be an asset to your organization. Here are 5 good reasons why we think so.

SharePoint 2016 Business Intelligence for Enterprise Solutions

SharePoint 2016 can be integrated seamlessly with Office Online Server and SQL Server 2016 to unlock the most powerful BI capabilities of SP. Let’s see how.

How to Put Your Name Next to the Time on a Mac

You can put your name next to the time in your Mac’s menu bar in just a few steps. It’s something built into the Mac system, so there’s no need to install extra software or do any hacking. If your machine is used by more than one person, and each person has an account, it’s really important to know which account is being used… and having the account holder’s name next to the time in the menu bar lets you know at a glance.

Social Network Marketing With a Magento Website

Is your current eCommerce website holding you back from reaching your goals? Your marketing strategies are collapsing? Are you sick of your eCommerce site being hacked or falling over?

Technical Backlog: Reasons And Consequences In the QA Activity

Every software testing company even for once faced the problem connected with the delays of product release because of different factors. It is a rather typical situation when a client wants to reschedule the product entry to the market.

Excel Macro Tips – What Are the Three Windows In The Visual Basic Editor For?

In this article we will look at the three windows in the Visual Basic Editor and explore what they are for. The three windows are:

Excel Macro Tips – How To Run A Macro Automatically When You Open Your Excel Workbook

This article will explain a few different ways to get an Excel Macro to run automatically when you open an Excel workbook. The simplest way to get a macro to run automatically is to actually just name that macro Auto_Open but there are some limitations with this which are discussed in this article, and a suggested solution.

Excel Macro Tips – Creating and Updating Your Personal Macro Workbook In Excel

This article will explain how to look to save your macros to a personal macro work book to re use in any work book when you start Excel on your computer. When you create a macro in Excel it is usually designed to work in just one particular work book, but there maybe some instances where you want to use some Excel macros which are much more general, in all Excel files or at least make them available to use all in any of your Excel work books. There is place a in Excel where you…

8 Tips for E-Commerce Web Site Testing

Today e-commerce is the most widespread type of money earning. Only a few years ago no one could even imagine that online purchases become the same common thing as a trip to the dentist.

How Safe Is Snapchat for Kids?

Each year thousands of mobile applications get developed and launched across the world. Whether they are designed for personal or business usage, they truly fulfill the changing needs of the consumers remarkably. One such application is Snapchat that is a messaging application for a mobile and meant for sharing texts, photos, drawings and videos as well.

Features That Get Lost After Windows 10 Installation

People need to know the pros and cons of the operating system upgrade. They may miss out on certain features that had been used in the previous versions of OS. On the same coin, we would be discussing on the deprecated and missing features after the installation of Windows 10.

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