Do Distros Have TOO MANY Editions?

Getting One Version of the Truth With MDM Solutions

With a process-driven Master Data Management solution, businesses can get reliable data they can count on. Here are a few of the key capabilities to consider in an MDM solution.

Rapid Navigation and Restructuring of Your Thesis

Once your thesis document becomes hundreds of pages in length, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, especially in terms of navigation, editing and overall restructuring. As many students have discovered, trying to do these things using the good old ‘scrolling’ method just doesn’t cut it, and results in huge amounts of time being wasted that could be better employed doing more constructive things. However, the good news is that Microsoft Word has a number of easy to use features that can make your life a great deal easier in this regard.

Site Replication

Use website replication to provide Your Distributors a Web Presence – In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is extremely important for any business to remain a few steps ahead of their competitors. By making use of site replication facilities, even multi level marketing distributors can now enjoy the benefits of having a reputable and professional online image. With rapid advances being made in technology on an almost daily basis, site replication has become a lot easier than people think.

A New Breed of Field Service Management Software

There is a new breed of field service management in the market. The new software uses leading-edge developments and the latest mobile app technology to maximise the productivity of field workers and service businesses alike. What is field service management software?

A Guide to Cloud Field Service Software

With the advent of cloud computing now well upon us, many businesses are still struggling to understand its implications and the way it works. Service management businesses in particular are not fully realising the cloud’s full potential. So here’s a brief guide about how “the cloud” works and what you should expect.

Seeing to Software Licensing Is Taking Care of Your Business’ Welfare

As a business owner or manager, you should be aware that seeing to the welfare of your operations is primarily your responsibility. Because of this, you should always be on the lookout as to the concerns that could affect the set-up of your business. One of these is the licensing of software being used by you and your employees.

Why Consider Desktop Virtualisation (VDI)? It’s Just for Enterprises – Right?

Why would we consider VDI? It is too costly and complicated for us. We can’t afford to install all that equipment to make it work. This article will highlight the business benefits of VDI and how you can solve real problems. It will also show how Citrix VDI in a Box removes cost and complexities and has become a cheaper alternative to traditional PC networks.

Why Should You Upgrade to Windows 7 If You Have Not Yet Done So?

Windows 7 is the latest Windows operating system which was released by Microsoft in the year 2009. Many computer users had skipped upgrading to Windows 7 initially as the reviews of Windows Vista OS prior to that were not that great. However, as people became aware of the stability and features of Windows 7, they gradually started upgrading. But there are still some users who have stuck with older versions of windows (mostly Windows XP) and have not yet upgraded to Windows 7. This article lists a few reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 7 at the earliest if you have not yet done so.

Reset Admin Password for Windows

Face it, we’re living in a digital age. The accumulated knowledge of generations of people, everything that is known by anybody on this planet, is literally at our fingertips through the click of a mouse. Need to know how to fix your sink?

Ways to Choose the Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Considering the fact that there is certain increase in the way virus attacks take place online, protection becomes pivotal. Due to this, a lot of people are shifting their attention to better alternatives and are thus installing an antivirus program to ensure utmost online protection.

Finding the Right Test Management Software – First Steps

Any organization can streamline their test process with Test Management software, and in the process help improve the quality of product releases. However, as varied and as diverse organizations are, the variety of available test management tools can also lead to problems. This is particularly true for organizations which select the “wrong” kind of software solution package/product.

Best Duplicate File Finder Reviews – Find Top Duplicate Finders for Your PC

Using a duplicate file finder can help you clean up all the useless duplicates, save your valuable disk space and easily manage your libraries. But when you search for a program to help you, you can find dozens of similar programs. Which one is the best?

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