Do We Have Too Many ARCH Based Distros?

5 Ways to Make QuickBooks Accounting Software Your Friend! AKA Productivity Counts

You can easily run a fairly large business (20-25 employees) using the QuickBooks Accounting Pro/Premier versions. As integrated modular software: You can create custom invoices and estimates to send to your clients. You can also easily track your payables so that you can get a better handle on cash flow.

Transportation Management Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation management is a subset of supply chain administration that is dedicated to overseeing shipping operations for companies that ship and receive goods. A transportation management system is responsible for finding routing solutions for inbound and outbound shipments. How the system operates depends on the logistics resource that is used to facilitate it.

Best Web Browsers: Rekonq Browser Review

Rekonq is the default web browser in Kubuntu. This lightweight application loads web pages fast and comes with many great features such as a unique loading address bar and tabbed browsing. Many users claim that Rekonq is an excellent example of lean, straight-forward open-source software.

LTL Software Helps Small and Midsized Shippers Cut Costs

When most people think of freight shippers, they think of large companies that fill a semi trailer full of cargo to move it across the country. However, some shippers do not meet this description. Instead of composing a full semi load, their cargo composes a fraction of a full load, which poses an important question: do they pay for the price of a full trailer to move a partial load, or do they opt for another solution?

What Is Usability Testing With Some Examples?

In this article, we will try to answer one of the frequently asked questions in software testing, and that is “What is usability testing”? This is one kind of validation where we test the system from user’s perspective.

Agile Development Platforms – A Simple Review of Agile Platform 7.0

Because of this brand new component, Agile Platform 7.0 is going to be the fastest, safest and most effective agile development tool existing. As you all know, agile methodologies are all merged together by the fact that they promote collaboration, teamwork and security. The new platform offers the team manager power to define and supervise access controls for all team members across all development environments. The manager may do all this from one central location. All he or she has to do is to define the roles to be managed. Roles may include fellow developers or processes. Defining means ascertaining the degree of freedom your developing team would have when creating, editing, accessing or referencing an app using Version 7.0.

How Sugar Empowers Organizations?

Have you ever wondered why Sugar has outstanding evidence in terms of empowering organizations along with using multiple levels of protection and security? It has a managed process for verifying possible security threats. This is why it is a robust and popular open source application which is a miles away from hackers.

Things to Consider for a UI Design

Creating a UI design that can meet the varying needs of every user can be quite a challenge. But keeping in mind these five concepts can help you easily create UIs that can efficiently meet your users’ needs without sacrificing the appearance of the interface.

Best Web Browsers: QupZilla Browser Review

QupZilla is a new and exciting web browser designed for general users. This application is based on Qt Framework and WebKit core. It boasts features comparable to Firefox and Chrome, but uses fewer resources than its competitors.

Best Web Browsers: Songbird Browser Review

Songbird is an open-source browser and audio player originally released in 2006. This advanced application features a built-in browser, audio and video playback, and tons of features. Users have access to a wide range of skins, add-ons, extensions and other customization options at no extra cost.

Asset Management Software: Keep Track of Your Assets and Remain Profitable

In order for a company to remain in business, it must have assets. This is true for both small and large companies. It is imperative that companies have a good plan set in place to identify and track all assets. If a company does not know how to manage its assets, it will never be able to stay afloat and be profitable. Thus, a system has to be implemented so that assets can be organized and tracked.

How to Choose a Good Open Source Software Trainer?

Choosing a good open source software trainer can be one of the most important decisions that you can make in learning the concepts of open source software. The techniques that your trainer uses can strongly affect how well you can understand the basics and advanced functionalities of CRM software.

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