Fixing One of Linux’s Biggest Flaws

Native App Vs Web App: Perhaps A Hybrid?

Hybrid mobile applications are functionally somewhere between native apps and web apps. As these two types of mobile software serve completely different purposes, standing poles apart, hybrid apps fill the space between them, and incorporate features of both sides.

Point of Sale Software Features

Being a business owner nowadays is not easy. The market is very competitive and you need to stay on top. In order to do so, you have to satisfy your customers and to make them want to buy from you again.

How Can POS Software Benefit All Retail Business

We all know that each business is different and has its particularities. If it wouldn’t be so, then customers would not have preferences and they would buy from wherever. Even though it is very important to differentiate your business on the market and to have at least one advantage over your competitors, you have to keep in mind that there are aspects in which all businesses are the same.

Organizing Things on Windows 8

We all know that Windows is one of the most user-friendly Operating Systems around. Because the operating system uses separate windows, literally, for each function, it offers you the convenience of carrying out multiple functions simultaneously. The latest version from the Microsoft stable, Windows 8, is equally as good as any of the earlier ones.

Is a Solid State Hybrid Drive Right for You?

In the 1980s, personal computers rarely had hard drives. They stored data on removable floppy disks. The five inch floppies really were floppy. Those were soon replaced by smaller removable floppies encased in a hard plastic shell. Later, PCs came equipped with hard disks for both the operating system and local storage, largely making floppy disks irrelevant for storage. Early hard disks were huge in terms of size, but small in terms of capacity with as little as 10 or 20 megabytes of disk space.

Cloud Software Eases Security Worries For Telephone Payments

Data security is essential in today’s world, and customers and clients are becoming increasingly concerned with where their details are being stored. Cloud-based applications offer some great security by collecting the information via an automated system that no human agent can access.

Keep Your Database Secured at All Times With cPanels

An organization’s growth depends upon the kind of decisions they make. The repercussions of a decision taken today might affect you a year or two down the line. This is why it’s important to store all mission-critical information in the database. In order to communicate with the database, we need servers. Server is a physical computer dedicated to run services on a single computer, multiple computers and on a network as well. The Best cPanel Reseller Hosting includes full migration of accounts from any dedicated or reseller account.

Email Archiving Solution and Spam Filtration: Decide Now!

The cloud based email archiving solution with cutting edge spam filtration attribute provides a rather secured service outside your network, thus stopping any virus, spam and phishing emails before they reach your network. With a cutting edge email spam filter service it is all about creating a security gate and also an extra layer of protection to leave your IT infrastructure wholly unaffected.

3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Features of Donation Management Software

Donation management software is something that every charitable organization should have in order to assist with the fundraising process. If you are running or working at a nonprofit or a charity that depends upon donations in order to maintain operations.

Encrypting Data at Rest

Every enterprise must be concerned about data security whether or not it is data in motion, data in use, or data at rest. The attack on New York City’s twin towers on September 11, 2001 ushered in a whole slew of national and international data security laws and regulations designed to force companies to initiate data security measures.

How Much Is Your Business Losing to Duplicate Payments?

No business wants to pay a bill twice, but it’s a fact of life that duplicate payments are a common occurrence in many organisations. According to research, almost a quarter (23 percent) of companies pay duplicate invoices. An Invoice Management Solution automates invoice processing through from data capture, and has key features which can aid detection of duplicate invoices.

How Android Applications Can Benefit Your Business

Android is arguably the most advanced and widely popular mobile operating system in the world today and over a billion Android users around the world support that claim. This astonishing feat is not something anyone can achieve easily.

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