Giving Emacs Another Try – Live!

Convert Excel Contacts To VCard To Avail A Wider Data Acceptability

Via this segment, the benefits acquirable once you convert Excel contacts to vCard have been discussed especially wider acceptability. And hence external Excel to vCard Converter is suggested for usage.

Get Access to Speedy Internet for Greater Productivity

This dedicated hosting system can be operated, configured, customized in a private and secure environment. A managed dedicated server plan includes network support, hardware support, power support, server reboot and backup management.

Developing and Documenting a Software Testing Strategy for Your Organization

The software industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade and the industry is definitely poised to control its growth trajectory even if at a lower rate as a result of the global crisis. In the face of limited resources availability, just developing newer software is not sufficient; software developers need to focus on quality, while companies need to invest significantly in developing their own Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) parameters in line with global standards. Software development companies also need to focus on developing a strategy to test any newly developed software to reduce bugs…

Adding Sound Effects to Your PowerPoint Presentation

Great visuals are not always enough to hit a home run with a PowerPoint presentation, so the next step is to add sound! Find out the different options available to you when adding sound to make your presentation wow the audience!

Components of an Inventory Management System

Inventory control system is a package of software and hardware tools that helps in tracking the inventory of the business. Products such as clothes, food, books, and any other consumer durables sold by the wholesalers and retailers can be tracked using the inventory tools.

Inventory Management Solutions Is a Must!

Managing an inventory of products is a must for all organizations, big or small, because exact information on the movement of the products will only help serve the customers better. It is also imperative to run a business profitably. The aim of this is to reduce the overstocks and inventory write-offs, curtailing the data entry costs and augmenting the supply chain efficiency.

Top Recruitment Software

A really cool new feature is the ability to send a link to a mobile phone or tablet, the candidate clicks on this and makes a 5 second video. The latest recruitment software often has better, faster features and can migrate you data from more dated software.

NetSuite: It’s Importance to Your Business!

Your business is important to you, and you want to make the most of it at every level, every day. As the trend grows for more and more consumers to demand website availability of the brands and products they wish to purchase, it is imperative that business keep up with technology, and technology keep up with business.

Oracle Database: Introduction and Architecture

An important part of every business is to keep records. We need to keep records of our customers, the employees of our company, the emails etc. To keep all the data individually is quite a difficult and hectic job, because whenever we need the records of a particular customer or an employee we need to search manually. It takes lot of time and still not reliable. Here comes the concept of databases.

Why You Need an Online Scheduler for Business or Personal Purposes

Have you ever had one of those instances when you missed a special event because you forgot and you scheduled a meeting on the same date? An online scheduler can help you avoid these kinds of confusions and provide better means of organizing important meetings and events.

Reasons to Use Software for Human Services Agencies

Some may find it ironic that human services agencies depend heavily on software programs and automation of their daily tasks and files in order to stay involved with their cases. With the benefits of software solutions that are designed to help human services agencies and nonprofits, professionals are able to have their cases organized and at their fingertips.

Why Choose Spiral Software Development Model Instead of Waterfall Model

The two most popular models for developing software systems are the spiral model and the waterfall model. However the preference for spiral model is increasing by the day. The clients like to freedom of making last minute changes, which the spiral model provides. The waterfall model does not appeal to many clients as it is strictly linear and doesn’t encourage much client participation in the development process.

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