How to Create Separate Home and Root Partitions on Linux

How Business Software Can Help You Control Your Small Business

Are you getting frustrated as a small business owner because you are spreading yourself too thin? Why not use business software programming to help ease your workload? Read more…

How To Delete, Move, or Rename Locked Files in Windows

Learn how to delete, move or rename locked files in windows as window normally does not allow these actions during running of a program. Windows won’t allow you to modify files that open programs have been locked. If you try to delete a file and see a message that it’s open in a program; you shall have to unlock the file (or close the program).

Reducing Absenteeism With Effective Time Management and Absence Tracking

Workplace absenteeism is a major concern for American companies. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, unplanned absences cost American businesses an average of 2.8 million workdays every year, which is equivalent to a loss of nearly $74 billion. Moreover, losses resulting from disability claims, lost productivity, recruiting and training temporary employees can take an even greater toll. The effects of absenteeism are multi-dimensional, and businesses can’t afford NOT to invest in effective absence tracking and time management.

X-Cart Web Development: Why Is It a Popular Choice?

There are many software web development systems that cater to a myriad range of needs that business owners have or internet mongers have. But, out of all the solutions, X-Cart Web Development has become a popular choice for many. The evolution of different kinds of open source software has proved to be beneficial for the online consumers.

Changing or Upgrading Salon Software

Thing to consider when thinking about changing your salon software supplier. Driving forces for change. Salon data transfer. Why not to be afraid of new salon software.

Is The Physical Book Going Away?

I have noticed a very high increase over the last several years of electronic reading devices or e-Book Readers such as the Kindle Fire, Barnes and Nobles Nook, etc. to allow book readers to access and download entire books from the web. Is this the ending of the physical book being read the old fashion way using no devices whether written in paperback or hardback?

5 Reasons I Protect My Data With IDrive Online Backup Service

IDrive online backup service is what I use on my production PC that I use everyday. I started out with a completely free account that is 5GB in size and never expires. Here are 5 reasons why I continue to use IDrive even though I have reviewed so many other cloud storage options.

An Explanation of Virtual Software

Virtual software is one of the latest buzzwords, or phrases to be more precise, in the IT industry. Despite its name, the software is not really virtual in that it physically exists.

Top 5 Invoice Problems

Invoices can sometimes be an Accounts Payable (AP) clerk’s worst nightmare, especially if it takes hours and hours to manually process a single paper based invoice. Numerous things could go wrong with processing invoices manually; which can become very costly for business.

Online Survey Tool – A Great Help in Evaluating Your Market Value

If you are running your own business, you need to conduct a thorough market research in order to find prospective customers and evaluate the stature of your business in its segment. Nowadays, online surveys are conducted by various organizations that understand the interests and requirements of their clients.

Benefits of Automated Functional Testing

Automating testing of functional elements in a software provides faster execution of test cases which can impact the delivery time of the project. It also reduces the cost of testing a project and thus influences the profit and overall cost of the project.

Custom Software Prototyping Before Developing

Prototyping is the modeling of the application User Interface, based upon the client’s feedback with Software Development company design, functional and workflow recommendations. Prototypes provide both Software Development company and Clients with a simple, visual canvas to identify and agree on best solutions to specific business needs. The outcomes of a properly executed prototype design phase in software development is: confidence that the client and the Software Development company have confidence that they are on the right track, a properly scoped projects, with phases that are aligned with business needs, well-informed budget and schedule estimates.

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