How to use Gamemode in Linux

Open Database Connectivity

ODBC or Open Database Connectivity is an open standard application programming interface used for accessing hetrogenous datasources. Imagine you have written several PHP programs which makes a connection to an Oracle database. For some reason now you have decided to use MYSQL instead of Oracle.

Exception Handling and Use of Cursors in PL/SQL Blocks

SQL is a non procedural language and so cannot do processing of either the data used to formulate the query or process the query. For example a SQL query cannot be placed in a loop or a dynamic SQL statement cannot be constructed by just using SQL alone. One requires a procedural language extention to perform some select data processing tasks in addition to DML capabilities offered bySQL statements.

Why Can’t I Use My Chip Card at Most Retail Locations, Even Large Retailers?

This article details the difficulties Retailers are having with implementing EMV in the US. The article gives details as to why this is difficult, with insights for consumers. It also deep dives into the architecture changes required for EMV.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business intelligence the process of social occasion and processing information that will be advantageous to anybody business. For most businesses, this implies the investigation of their customer’s buying habits and changing needs in accordance with the items or administrations that an organization is giving.

Private Cloud – The Next Step in Virtualization

PrivateCloud environments provides organizations with a robust, enterprise-grade virtual datacenter environment that offers a broad spectrum of services in a “utility” based consumption model (e.g. you use what you need, and pay for only what you use). Companies no longer need to virtualize on site and risk failure, security and compliance. Private Cloud offerings have the physical and virtual infrastructure in place to manage the entire cloud environment in a much more secure and far less expensive way than when a company tries to create this on their own.

What Are the Benefits of the Microsoft SharePoint Platform?

The Microsoft SharePoint platform is intended to help businesses take care of and manage all the operations. Read on to find out about some of the main benefits of this platform, and how it can assist you in managing your business requirements.

Cloud Vs Hosted Solutions

The technology industry has firmly set its sights on the legal space. New products are flooding the market with descriptions like “cloud”, “hosted” and “hybrid”. But what does it all really mean? In this first installment of our Mastering the World of Legal Technology series, we find out.

A Deep Insight Into the Future of Accounting

Now, services such as QuickBooks cloud Hosting, ProSeries hosting, Drake hosting, Sage 50 hosting, etc. allow you to use the best accounting as well as tax preparation software remotely. Because of cloud accounting, your workforce team members can work together on the same files simultaneously, no matter wherever you are.

Modern Ways Of Approaching Building Projects

Many people work on computers today. They earn their living by being connected to the internet. This has changed life for many. Also for people who design, whether it’s big industry or your own business.

Top Architects Use Good Programs

Architecture software is specifically developed to aid the architect and his design team to come up with a project that saves time, a project for which all design aspects have been taken into consideration, a design that ensures good end results.No architect today will survive without the correct and most advanced design software which his business needs.

Use Modern Systems To Assist You In Your Business

CAD or computer aided design is no longer new to designers. In almost every field where the services of engineers, architects and builders are required, you can expect that everybody knows the term, or has heard about it. Designers and their assistants make use of applications that will help them create drawings for all sorts of aspects on the technical specifications in building processes.

How Can SharePoint Help in Business Management?

Microsoft SharePoint has been designed and developed to help companies manage their content and document. Read and find out how the SharePoint platform can be used to manage business, and take charge of operational processes and information in a seamless way.

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