i3wm vs Qtile – Which is Better?

Performance of String Manipulation in Uniface

One thing that every developer fights with (or should!) is performance. It’s OK writing an application that works well for one developer sat messing about on a development server that only he is using, but it is very different when it’s thousands of users all hitting the same server, under realistic but heavy load.

Best Secure Web Browser: SlimBrowser Review

SlimBrowser is a free alternative web browser based on Internet Explorer 7. This software is not only extremely fast, and it has powerful features designed to increase your online productivity.

Accounting Software – Finding the Right Package For Your Small Business

Doing your own business can be both challenging and learning experience for oneself. The functions of planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring are completely in your hand. You are the person who will face losses or profits from the business.

Comparing Transportation Management Software to 3PL

A Transportation Management System (TMS) is positioned between an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and a shipping distribution model (e.g. TL shipping). There are three ways a shipper can implement a TMS:

CATIA Knowledgeware: Using Geometrical Parameters

Knowledge Advisor is a powerful workbench in CATIA that can greatly improve the effectiveness of your designs. By following the tips I share, you will be able to add flexibility and automation to create generic templates and startparts to increase productivity as well as guide end users through the design process. I will describe what a geometric parameter is and how it can be implemented to take your work to the next level of Engineering Design as well as making you a more valuable asset to your employer or make your business stand out from the rest.

The Things You Need to Consider About the Android Translation App

Translation applications are software that performs translation from one language to another. Translation apps are built in a way that may rely on well-known algorithms of finding the relationship between two languages.

Best Secure Web Browser: Lunascape Review

Lunascape is an innovative web browser that utilizes three rendering engines: Trident, Gecko, and WebKit. Users can switch between engines manually or configure automatic engine switching. The browser has lots of useful features such as a built-in multi-search tool, native RSS feeder, and mouse features.

What You Need to Know About the LinkedIn App

It is an obvious fact that social media is already becoming a basic element of every business-to-business marketing campaign in the internet. While two of the most popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are designed for business-to-consumer companies also known as B2C, data from several research firms recommend using LinkedIn since it is the most efficient social media option in the marketing tool box of B2B for getting more customers. The good news is that there are now several specialized LinkedIn apps that you can count on in order to make this possible.

Best Secure Web Browser: Flock Browser Review

A social networking component is now an essential part of modern browsers. Flock is a versatile web browser that integrates Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. If you like the Firefox, then you will love this browser as well. Flock is targeted towards social media enthusiasts.

Case Management CRM Solutions for Impeccably Satisfied Customer Base

Gone are the days when customers used to be content with anything neatly packaged and endorsed by celebrities. Today, with notable increase in the economic disparity, the buyers have become much more particular about the things they pay for.

When To Use An Infographic CV

When applying for a job, your CV is the first chance you have of being noticed. An infographic CV is ideal for some posts, but totally wrong for others. This article explains when an infographic CV will help and when it will hinder your chances of securing a job.

How To Perform An iTunes Cleanup

Trying to use your iTunes once it has become disorganized can be extremely frustrating. Want to know how you can quickly organize your entire library?

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