Installing Slackware Live!

How To Make Windows 8 Look Like Windows 7

This article will provide you with good ways to make Windows 8 feel more like Windows 7 by Microsoft. This article will provide you with free software you can download and install that will make your life a whole lot easier.

PicsArt for iPhone Users

PicsArt was earlier only available for Android users, now iPhone users too can avail its benefit. PicsArt is an app that brings with it many picture editing and sharing tools. You will be able to create a collage, use drawing tools and even use photo sharing within its own network.

Online Appointment Software the Cure for Administering Vaccinations During Flu Season

Scheduling flu shot vaccinations can be a tedious and time-consuming process for pharmacies, medical facilities and other locales that administer the vaccine. Online appointment software can be just what the doctor ordered to cure this necessary, but oftentimes over-whelming, task.

CRM Best Practices Guide Book for SMEs

Customer relationship management software has become quintessential for small businesses in managing both their sales process and customers. It serves dual purposes for them.

Taking Advantage of Technology in Fundraising

Today, the Internet has become the new frontier of business and information. Many people communicate primarily through online tools including Skype, VOIP, social networks, instant messaging and email.

Forex Foreign Exchange – What You Need to Know

The Forex foreign exchange market has witnessed massive growth over the years. This business niche impacts the lives of so many people on a daily basis. Simply put, forex trading involves timely and accurate calculation of two national currencies’ exchange rate, in order to buy or sell for profitable purposes. However, sometimes, the transaction may turn out unfavorable, especially when rash trading decisions are involved, or unexpected unfavorable market trend.

Jamroom Web Development: What Are the Various Features?

What are the various features that Jamroom brings along with it? First of all, let us understand what Jamroom web development is. It is nothing but a powerful web based platform that is used in building social networking sites that are feature rich.

Browser Add-Ons Become More and More Attractive for Retailers Doing Affiliate Marketing

People always try to find the best price on the market when shopping. With hundreds of retailers, affiliates and re-sellers it could take days for one person to find the best price for a product all over internet. Here the comparison shopping engines step into the picture. But are they sufficient? The combination of a browser add-on and a fast reliable comparison shopping engine is every e-shopper’s dream. The browser add-on easily spots the product the user is searching for or looking at, sends the scraped data back to the comparison engine which does find the retailer offering the best price and sends that information back to the browser add-on, which in turn pops it out to the user inside the browser. The result – no effort from the user and a single click to the best-priced item. Who would not want that software?

Microsoft Office 2013: To Buy or Subscribe?

With the release of Microsoft Office 2013 with now have two options to acquire the software: a one time up front payment or a monthly subscription. Which is really the better option?

Benefits of Obtaining a Modern End to End Property and Casualty Software Administration System

The emergence of modern, accessible, web-based technology has positively impacted the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. Consequently, many software companies have developed customized software applications to meet the demands of the P&C insurance industry. One such personalized software package is the Atlas system, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of P&C insurance carriers, their agents and customers.

How to Create a Photoshop Clipping Path

Since the advent of digital photography, getting a great picture is no longer a matter of luck. All you need is a decent camera, a good photo editing program and some hard work. While there are many photo editing programs available today, the most popular is still Photoshop.

The Root Cause Analysis

Problem resolution doesn’t stop where you think it does. Why not stop the problem from ever happening again? Here’s how you do it.

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