Is the AUR Overrated? – The Linux Cast

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting – All Questions Answered

Why QuickBooks Enterprise? Should I benefit from this version? What are the benefits of this system? There are so many questions in the minds of the users at an initial stage. Answering these questions before opting for a pathway is the better rather than going for a change later. To know how to determine a suitable solution for your business, read on…

Chrome Crash – Top 5 Ways to Fix Chrome Crashes

Google Chrome crashes due to several reasons. It’s a very interrupting problem since it affects your business/ office work. If you’re experiencing a sudden Chrome crash, this article is for you!

Be an Effective Supervisor, Not an Employee Monitor

There are many skills and characteristics required to be a good supervisor. First and foremost, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your industry and your own company’s business practices.

What You Must Know About NetSuite

NetSuite actually refers to a group of products that are known as the business management software, and this category of software is often divided into the CRM and ERP systems. The NetSuite business management software belongs to the mid-tier class. The low-tier consists of programs such as the QuickBooks while the top-tier class constitutes of programs like the Oracle and SAP.

How to Choose The Right ERM Consultants?

If you are planning to choose ERM consultants for your team, there are a few important things that you must keep in mind. First of all, you must try to get acquainted with the consultant who will be assigned to the project and see if he is capable of properly explaining the implementation method to you. There might be several things that you may not understand initially, so be prepared to ask questions regarding cut-over approach, data migration, and possibilities of any project risk.

eForms, An Increasing Trend – How Does Your Business Use eForms?

The use of eForms is on the rise. Last month the Ministry of Justice announced that they were introducing crime eForms- that from 1 April 2013 they would no longer be accepting paper versions. An eForm offers a simple, cost-effective way for an organisation to capture data, data which can be accessed, retrieved and processed to help the organisation carry out business and meet targets.

5 Point Checklist For An E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website is designed differently from an ordinary website. It has a facility to enable the customers make transactions in real time through the site. Customers can view and choose from various products displayed on the site. The customers can also add multiple products to their wish-list, before they can arrange for payment.

What’s Beyond the Appointment Reminder Technology?

Automated reminder technology for appointments and meetings may be common these days. However, there are still many medical facilities and businesses that need this exceptional service already but afraid to try it. Perhaps, an education of what this innovative service can do beyond its normal functions is required.

The 3 Most Popular Online Backup Services

Popular backup services have been discussed by the leaders in the computing field for some time now. The reason most people use backup services is due to the fact that they know their information is safe if something were to happen at their house or business. Although many wonder what could possibly happen there are things like theft and fire. If all of your stored data is on one or two computers and these computers are in the same building and something happens all of the data is gone. By having a good backup service you know that all of your important data is safely stored away and can be retrieved at any time. Lets look at the 3 most popular backup services.

Mozy Vs Carbonite Vs Crashplan

This is a comparison of the three top online backup services. Although they are all good and replace the traditional ways of backing up your data by storing your data on a professional server. Why do people choose to do this?

Top Myths About a Virtual Receptionist Debunked

Despite the emerging popularity of the automated medical receptionist, there are still a lot of healthcare facilities that are skeptical about adopting it. This is mainly because they are not aware of the benefits of this innovation and they are stuck with the old myths about it. The following are the top misconceptions about the virtual receptionist in the medical and business field.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage That Is Affordable And Easy To Use

HIPAA compliant cloud storage is easier to acquire and more affordably priced than you might think. Not everyone treats doctors as rich sheep needing to be fleeced. This online backup vendor is respected, trusted and makes their software easy to use.

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