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How to Keep Your Documents Organized

If you work in an office or a business that uses a lot of documents, then you are likely to find that keeping track of these can become difficult. Back in the day when we primarily worked with paper documents it was always hard to keep them organized and to stay on top of them, which is why we often would end up relying on large organizers and filing cabinets that would weigh thousands of tons and take hours to sort through. When the digital age arrived and the promise of the ‘paperless office’ drew nearer, it was assumed that…

Health and Safety Myths Are a Significant Threat to Health and Safety

From billion pound office addresses to property refurbishment sites, every employee and contractor in the UK will have heard one or two things about the Health & Safety Executive. And chances are the sentiments weren’t entirely positive. In many ways it’s no wonder this situation has arisen.

Misdirection Using Bogus Mathematical Software To Slow Down Enemy R and D Considered

The other day, I was talking to a few members at our think tank about AGW and Global Warming Theory, specifically we were talking about all the controversy over the “hockey stick” graph often used by global warming alarmists to help propel their agenda. When looking at all the data, we were even more alarmed than those who have fallen for this theory. It was obvious very quickly that it just wasn’t so, that the data had been manipulated, and there was actually a cooling trend right there within their data which they chose not to display.

Are Technological Advanced Gesture Control Super Market Shelves With AI Software Next Up?

Ever since that famous Hollywood movie “The Minority Report” with Tom Cruise came out and featured the gesture recognition computer screen people have been completely intrigued. Then came the gaming technologies using the same strategies, people were even more interested. Next, came the iPhone and iPad using gesture recognition. Today, these things are advancing at an incredible rate. It makes sense also because this is how humans communicate, and the interface is more in line with how the human mind thinks, and how humans interact. Okay so, what else can we use this technology for in the future? That’s what I’d like to talk to you about.

Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR)

Electronic medical records software (EMR) is software or a computerized medical record created in a medical institution that delivers care, such as in a hospital or any other medical research institute. The electronic medical records software allows the medical personnel to store retrieve and modify any records on medical reports. EMR software replaces the paper-based records maintained in the hospital and is still far the most common method of recording patient information for most hospitals and the related institutions.

Access AOL Support for All Your Email Issues

AOL (formerly called as America Online) is a leading internet provider and is also among the first ones to introduce email services in the world. Though with a rise in the number of competitors, the light of AOL has somewhat faded, part of it also because AOL seemed to never change its business model.

Ideal Characteristics of a Good Mainframe Network Monitor

Timely and comprehensive monitoring is crucial for mainframe management. When mainframe network monitoring happens in real time, it is easier to track any network problems and fix them before they turn into outages.

We Know What You Are Thinking Before You Do – Welcome To the New Reality

The founders of Google had previously stated that they want their search engine to be so good, that it anticipates the questions you are going to ask before you finish. We already know that they are well on their way to doing this because as you type something into the search engine it tries to guess what you are thinking, and it fills in the blanks for you. The same thing goes for text messaging and auto correct on your word processing software program – all of this is the artificial intelligence of tomorrow, but we are using it today, in real time.

Many Say Developing Conscious Artificial Intelligence Will Be Difficult – Wrong, I Say

Consciousness is something that comes natural for humans, and I would submit to you for most of the complex species on this planet. If I am right about the latter, there must be something quite simple which causes this phenomenon. Isn’t that interesting? Most devout religious folks will say and tell you that artificial intelligence will never have consciousness, but I beg to differ, in fact I think they are wrong. Indeed, it might be quite easy to achieve this, at least in rudimentary form.

Group Collaboration Story Telling Via Sentence Diagramming and Artificial Intelligent Software

The other day, I was talking to a language teacher about sentence diagramming in our schools. We were talking about teaching children grammar and sentence structure. Sentence diagramming has always been considered one of the best ways to do that. I explained to her that it was also a very good way to program artificial intelligence especially for language translation, but also for artificial intelligent storytelling. You see, there is something very analytical about language, even if it doesn’t appear to be.

New Idea and Concept Considered for Google Discussed

If you are one to peruse the Internet quite often, as most people do, then perhaps you might also have a social networking page on Facebook, or one of the other popular networks. It is interesting how people are able to share information they find with their friends and family, or people with similar interests. They have those “like” buttons and such on these online social spaces now. You will see them on news items in the media, and on various websites.

How Can You Benefit With the Oracle Tutorial?

The latest WebLogic demo application is for demonstrating the orders for creating an Oracle SOA suite from scratch for shopping online. The tutorial can focus to rebuild the WebLogic data fusion form with Demo application along with SOA having a sample application with fusion order form.

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