Linux Command Line Tutorial For Beginners 13 – sudo command

What Makes A Leading Software Testing Company Different From Others?

Among a plethora of software testing companies available in the global market, there are a few which offer unmatched services and are regarded as the best in business. Find out what are the characters of a leading software testing company which makes it stand out from the rest.

10 Mobile App Development Trends in 2018 Set to Transform the Technology Space

As the year ends, the Mobile App development heads out with the list of the innovative trends going to hit the market for the next coming years. At times innovation may refer to small iterations in existing technologies, but for others, it could describe completely major overhaul and transformation. Mobile Apps has, by its very nature, always been at the forefront of problem-solving” but now consumer experiences are dominated by latest trends.

Why Does the Food and Beverage Industry Need an Effective ERP Software?

This article is going to highlight a few persuasive reasons why today’s food and beverage industry needs a dynamic and robust ERP solution to grow the business effortlessly. Food and beverage industry has vast expansion and several diverse units are there to take care of.

Most Predicted Trends in The ERP Space For 2018

This article throws some light on the most speculated events or changes to appear the coming year in the space of ERP development. ERP technology is consistently evolving since the time of its inception.

What Makes ERP an Imperative Solution For the Construction Industry?

The key idea of this article post is to discover the facts that make ERP solution today an integral part of the businesses in the construction industry. The construction industry is undeniably the foundation of an economy.

Inventory Management Software for Retail: Top 10 Benefits

When it comes to the retail business, proper inventory management is the key to keeping your business from going under. The problem is that keeping track of inventory is one of the most difficult things you can do. On a daily basis, you get to deal with sales, new receipts, returns, breakages and so many things that affect the stock level.

Inventory Management Software: 10 Things To Know Before Buying

Finding the inventory management software that suits your organization’s needs can be a task. There are so many systems out there that you have to pick from and not all of them will deliver what they claim. As a result of this, there are many questions you need to ask internally and to the potential vendors when searching for the right inventory system.

DevOps Bringing a Paradigm Shift to Software Development LifeCycle Management

Nearly 47% of the companies have already adopted DevOps and 33% are planning to adopt during the next two years. The highest level of adoption for DevOps are in IT services and Retail followed by Healthcare and Finance- is an old tale to tell, which is already ragged now!!

What Is CRM Software? How Is It Useful for an Organization?

CRM is one of the often heard acronyms in the business world that many don’t know the meaning and potential behind it. In this post, you’ll find what exactly CRM software is and how is it useful for an organization.

Best E-Commerce Payment Methods For Your Web-Store In 2017

Top payment gateways for your eCommerce store, also compatible with one-page checkout. You can use these payment options on your PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, etc store without any hassle.

How Can You Convert A Magento Online Store Into A Mobile App?

This article is going to show how you can efficiently convert a Magento online store into a user-centric and business-driven mobile application. Do you own a Magento web store that is not properly optimised for the mobile devices? Well, then you are missing a vast part of the market!

Major Modules In ERP That Makes Business Functioning As Easy As Ever

This article aims at enumerating some of the core modules of ERP software that makes the operations of business organisations as easy as ever. As the name suggests, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) is a compact software, used for managing the resources of the enterprises at one go.

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