Linux Command Line Tutorial For Beginners 15 – kill command

A Perfect Antidote To Terror And Complex Manual Processes

They say, “God is the original surveillance camera.” Agreed! But that doesn’t help in a fast-moving technological world. To overcome everyday terror, a disciplined and reliable solution is needed. With advancement in technology, surveillance with the best video analytics and industry-specific solutions would prove to be a complete security package.

Digital Commonplace Software

Digital Commonplace Software is a new type of software tool which allows you to store & manage your most important ideas, notes and research. An extension of the popular “commonplace book” of old, digital commonplace software has started to gain traction due to its adoption through some of Europe’s universities. The question remains, however, as to whether you should use it or not.

5-Step Checklist to Devise Impressive Mobile Applications

This article is going to depict a detailed checklist for devising impressive mobile applications without much effort. The more the mobile technology is advancing, the more the market demands of diverse mobile apps are increasing almost following an exponential graph.

4 Major Forecasts About Grocery App Development in the Near Future

This article is going to describe the new milestones that are going to reshape retail grocery app development in the coming year. Retail mobile development is expanding at an unexpected pace with retailers embracing newer digital technologies to cater to customers’ demand and at the same time stay competitive.

Why Build a Central Document Repository?

Storing your business information, data and documents in a centralised document repository is a wise decision for any business wanting to protect its files and electronic assets. What can centralised document storage do for your business? Reduce the Amount of Disk Space needed for Document Storage Storing files on desktops and on local drives can cause electronic filing chaos, data redundancy and unnecessary duplication.

How Will GST Prove to Be a Beneficial Upshot for B2B E-Commerce in India?

GST is regarded as one of the most ambitious tax reform in India since independence and, has efficiently remodelled the landscape of indirect tax system in India. As a result, a number of key alterations in slew, for instance, GST filing, accounting and audit mechanism, has changed manifold.

Benefits of ERP for Small Businesses

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been known to be the backbone for many corporate-scale businesses. The software is a key tool for managing production, order processing, and inventory. It also monitors business resources between stakeholders, such as; revenue, materials, orders, staffing and manufacturing capacity Let’s understand a few benefits of ERP for startup and SMB:

Why Is Patch Management Necessary?

Patch management is one area where many IT organizations struggle. The operating systems vendors have done a good job with providing easy patching solutions for their products, but there are so many third party applications out there to patch that it can become an impossible task. With new vulnerabilities announced each week, keeping up with all the patches is a problem in itself, and even if handled in bursts, you may have large time periods where your network will be vulnerable. A good patch management solution can fix this for you.

4 Facts Signalling That Your Business App Needs To Be Updated

This article figures out the reasons and instances when a business app requires a major and extensive update to refrain from losing its position in the market. Mostly apps experience an update that either fixes bugs, tweak some features or adds some extra functionality.

4 Quick Tips to Make Your ERP Software Ready for GST

This article is going to highlight a few persuasive tips on how you can make the ERP software that you own ready for the GST. Currently, in India, almost everyone is talking about GST (Goods and Service Tax). Today, this historic and revolutionary action in the taxation system of India is trending highly.

4 Smart Tips to Make an Impressive Budget for ERP Implementation

his article is going to give you a detailed insight into how you can make a lucrative budget for the ERP implementation in your business. While preparing the budget for an ERP implementation the management and the decision-makers need to foresee a lot of things associated with the project scopes.

7 Reasons to Use Outlook

Have you been looking for the best business email client? If so, we suggest that you give a go to Outlook. Why should you go for Outlook instead of other services? Given below are 10 reasons why you may want to prefer this service.

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