Linux Gaming vs Windows Gaming

How to Export Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook 2010/2013

Sometimes, you might need to access your Notes contacts in MS Outlook. Particularly, if you are using Notes at a professional level and using MS Outlook on your personal machine at home. If you are trying hard to gain access to Lotus Notes Contacts or emails in Outlook and fail to achieve it, the reason is the platform incompatibility and variations in file formats that both the email clients support.

An Overview of Code Signing

An executable or a script is likely to cause damage to the computer, so it is really important for the users to have faith on the codes available on the internet. And, when the users are sure that the application is authenticated by Microsoft and not by the LLC or I will hack you, they will feel more comfortable in installing it.

Why We Need Calendar and Reminder Software to Help Daily Life

Calendar reminder software will help manage all to do list together in one interface, then reminder at right time so that we won’t miss any important appointments. Also it can be used in computer and mobile devices to take along well, with it. life will be more efficient and happier.

Why Is Test Documentation So Important?

A well-functioning interaction system inside the team is a key to successful testing. This condition can be achieved through many factors, but the primary is the order in documents.

5 Queries to Make Before Hiring Mobile App Developers

Mobile app development is a competitive sphere and even with multiple platforms, Android and iOS app development remains a key service that is most viable and commonly available. We bring you 5 Queries to Make before Hiring Mobile App Developers.

How You Should Pick The Best Data Recovery Software

Computers can be just as painful devices as they are useful. Despite great technological advancements there are some problems that remain common with computers. Power failures, power fluctuations, spills, jerks, etc. can make your computer become useless. Your hard drives might start acting up after such events and the next thing you know your precious data disappears somewhere.

Why You Need A Time Attendance Machine & Software for Business

Why spend on a Time Attendance System? Does a business really save cost by not having a machine that monitors the number of hours the employees have worked? Sometimes legal issues develop because there is no system in place that can accurately calculate the amount due to each employee in the organization.

Why We Need Address Book Software in Our Daily Life

Having an address book is one thing and having an address book that is efficient is also another thing. Address book software can help manage all contacts(name, pictures, hobbies, contacts info and so on) together. With its advanced group management, anniversary and birthday reminder, changeable interface styles and so on, life will be well organized and efficient~

How to Create Interactive SharePoint Charts With Zero Coding

Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 chart web part, you can quickly create charts with data from SharePoint Lists and other data sources. Here’s how.

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) and UltraViolet Defined

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) is a cross-industry initiative developing the next generation digital media experience based on open, licensable specifications. UltraViolet is a free, cloud-based digital rights library that allows users of digital home entertainment content to stream and download licensed content to multiple platforms and devices.

Measure and Improve FCR With Five Simple Analytics-Enabled Steps

With customers interacting through a multitude of communication channels, it becomes increasingly challenging for organizations to accurately measure FCR. Improving FCR is crucial for organizations to enhance customer experience, control operating costs, and improve operational efficiency. Since the traditional customer survey method cannot help organizations truly assess their FCR performance, they must rely on today’s cutting-edge interaction analytics solutions.

5 Extremely Useful Methods to Edit PDF Documents on Linux

Whenever someone sets out to get some practical knowledge of Linux, one of the questions that almost invariably comes to the fore is regarding the best PDF editor and converter available for the operating system. Let us introduce you to some of the other cheaper but effective options available out there so that you are able to edit your PDFs as and when required without any difficulty.

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