Linux Tutorial Series – 103 – The kill command

Ten Reasons Why You Need Antivirus Software

With computers now being so integral to our everyday lives, it is essential that you are protected from viruses and threats. There are many free antivirus software programs out there, however they are quite often a scaled down version of the premium product. To ensure you’re fully protected, it is a wise move to invest in the paid version; they don’t often cost a huge amount of money and will enable you to fully protect your computer, whilst helping prevent expensive repair bills in the future.

QR Codes – Making Mobile Marketing Faster and Easier

As ‘QR’ is for quick response QR codes enable quick and easy sharing of information. They are of wide application in business. They enable easy marketing of products and services to anyone having a Smartphone.

What’s New In Microsoft Office 2013?

So, Office 2013 is now out, available as either the desktop software or as part of the Office 365 subscription. So, what’s new? Well, the answer to that is… lots! To get you started, here’s three new features.

CTI – Adding Extra Value to the Customer Service Center Solutions

CTI delivers screen-based telephony features at customer service center aka call center. The feature empowers the Customer Service Representatives to provide efficient and personalized service for the customers. CTI has the unique capabilities to marry computer software with telephone systems committing to deliver best customer experience through the process.

When IT Fails, Business Fails

It’s hard to avoid IT, since its so dependent for business nowadays. Whatever you do for your living, you pretty much need decent, working IT to do it. If you can’t send and receive emails, can’t process orders or don’t have access to your customer records, you can’t trade. And for most of the time, it all works smoothly in your favor.

Questions To Ask Before You Purchase A Live Chat Software

Can you think of beating market competition without having live chat software? You cannot because the web-based chat application now has become a ‘must have’ part of almost every e-commerce website. Live chat software has become the part and parcel of every e-commerce website. No business can beat the tough competition until and unless it integrates this chat application on its website.

AutoCAD Civil Inventor Allows Many Options

There is software for every operation that many businesses are performing. They have many options that are going to help each person who is dealing with civil engineering design processes. The AutoCAD Civil Inventor will allow them to do many things that other programs do not allow.

Consider the Advantages of AutoCAD Plant 3D

Running a business requires a lot of different types of equipment. Some of it is regulated by a big computer system. This system has to be able to handle the responsibilities that are going to be put on it. The AutoCAD Plant 3D can be a good option for many reasons.

A New Business Case for Why IT Matters in the Cloud Era

The marketing team recommends DropBox, the engineering team recommends Hightail, the customer service team recommends Box, the finance team recommends Egnyte, and so on. Now add multiple projects and keep track of which projects are in which file sharing service and you can see what a problem it becomes for the individual and the organization as a whole.

5 Tips in Perfect Healthcare IT Service Selection

Selecting the perfect IT service provider is vital to your hospital’s functioning. Select the wrong ones and performance suffers. It may even lead to loss of vital goodwill among your patients.

Linux Command Line UI

The definition of User Interface (UI) is the means by which a user interacts with a computer system. In recent times, an entire industry seems to have surfaced around User Interface. Professionals seek inspiration from inanimate objects used in everyday households and psychology. Classes, courses and meetups focus on this important topic of creating a pleasurable experience between the user and their technology.

Startups and Small Businesses

No one would argue that today a business can mature from a thought one day to an Internet based business deriving revenue within a blink of an eye. That is, if all of the pieces are in place to do that.

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