Linux Tutorial Series – 109 – Hardware and software interrupts

How to Fix the Hiccups of IOS 7’s iMessage

If you are one of those who upgraded their mobile platforms to iOS 7, you must have experienced messages aren’t being received. Same goes when you send a message. And with that being said, Apple gave a word that they will give a downloadable update sooner than later. But can you still wait a little longer as you resist your about-to-burst temper? Well, I can’t. Let me share these three simple steps I found that does the trick.

PPC Services Helping Business Success

PPC Services are becoming increasingly popular with online transactions and business increasing by the day, as pay per cost is becoming a great way to drive traffic to your websites offering specific products or services. In a PPC model, whenever a user clicks on a banner ad on an informative website, the owner of the site is paid money on agreed terms.

10 Staffing Software Essentials

Staffing and recruiting software is an integral part of any competitive staffing firm. Company growth, profitability and high market share are impossible without use of an enterprise staffing software solution.

The Importance Of Master Data Quality Improvement

Globalization and technological advancements have pitted organizations of each industry across the world into cut-throat competition, all fighting for time and fame. Though using the best equipments and strategies can help an enterprise achieve success, a balanced growth can only be achieved when one’s base is rock-steady. The base for every enterprise are its products or services, as well as its customers.

5 Business Process Re-Engineering Tips

You’ve been in business long enough to know how critical making quick, insightful decisions can create successes for your business. You’ve also been in business long enough to realize how vital accurate data analysis and reporting is and the impact it has on making those key decisions.

Who Says Technology Doesn’t Kill Jobs?

Indeed, there’s a big debate that robotics will kill factory jobs, and it technology so dramatically changes and disrupts industry, that often it can’t recover. We know this is true, we can see it happening, it’s no surprise. But it’s been going on throughout history. Consider if you will Eli Whitney and the invention of the cotton gin? Now all those people were needed, in fact many of the slaves were needed either, and consider that they had been brought from halfway around the world. No matter that, slavery is a disgusting and despicable way to treat another human being.

Using the Style Separator to Create a Table of Content in MS Word

Applying heading styles and creating a Table of Contents in Word works well if you put your headings in different paragraphs from their accompanying text, but what happens if the heading needs to be in the same paragraph as the text. The style separator could be the tool for you. Read this article to find out how to put more than one paragraph style in a single paragraph.

For Better Value From Big Data Improve Models and Algorithms

With all the hype around big data analytics, not enough attention is being given to the quality of data or the validation of models built on the data. Coefficients of determination can easily be manipulated to fit the hypothesis behind the model. As such, doesn’t this also distort the analysis of the residuals?

How Live Chat Software Turns a Robotic Website Into Responsive E-Store?

Online business websites have become much more interactive and supportive with since the inception of live chat support. Taking the edge of this chat application, the live operators can provide immediate, real-time and more useful assistance to their online clients. Following is a detailed description on how a live chat widget turns a static website into interactive e-store.

How To Master The Art Of Material Master Data Management

Mastering the art of MMDM is simple, yet productive. It involves master data quality improvement, data governance and harmonization for complete supremacy.

To Teach AI To Understand Sarcasm, Do We Need To Teach It Empathy First?

Have you ever made a sarcastic comment and found the other party didn’t get it or took it the wrong way. It doesn’t happen that often face to face, sometimes, but that is somewhat rare. It can happen between people of different cultures easy enough – due to slightly different body languages or one person doesn’t understand the language well. It sometimes happens on the phone too, a little more often, but usually not amongst friends who understand each other’s viewpoint, mannerisms, voice inflections, and beliefs.

Why SaaS Based Timekeeping Software Is More Suited to the Needs of Small Businesses

When small business owners are selecting a new timekeeping software system, they are faced with the most fundamental decision, how to deploy a system. Should they go for licensed systems or for the SaaS (software as a service) providers? In this article, we shall address this issue and will answer this question by comparing both the T&A solutions and help you in the subsequent purchasing process.

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