Linux Tutorial Series – 112 – Parent and child processes

Online Project Management: Solutions That Meet Actual Needs

A project is essentially a process that is undertaken to find a solution to a problem. In business that can mean that “how to sell product” is the problem to which a solution must be found. For academics and researchers, problems can range from “how to educate more people” to “how to test a theory.”

Greater Learning Skills With Creative Inclusion Software

Children learn best through active play. An intense participation in any event brings about effective learning. Hence, it is not surprising to have a myriad of inclusion software developed and marketed to entice children and parents into a new world of learning through an active participation.

The Efficiency Benefits Of Database Programs

One of the greatest efficiency tools technology offers SMEs is database software. Database programs are inexpensive, easy to operate and can serve as the core of any enterprise.

Tips for Effectively Managing System Problems (and Avoiding a Few Gray Hairs)

Significant IT services interruption demands that a disaster recovery plan be activated immediately, but how do you handle service interruptions that don’t require that kind of effort? To answer that, I want to share the following hints and lessons learned during my IT support career.

7 Reasons Why Your SMB Should Use a CRM Application

In this article you will read how a CRM application can improve the interactions within your organization. The seven points cover different topics that ultimately contribute to the success of your business.

Watering Hole Attacks: Protecting Yourself From the Latest Craze in Cyber Attacks

Users unknowingly provide all of this information simply by surfing the internet as they normally do. When a user surfs the internet from their company today, automated tracking methods used by marketing and ad tracking services identify traffic patterns and accesses.

Online Storage Importance

Cloud storage is a very important but still not very well known service that allows you to save your files online. This article will explain you what is cloud storage and why it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

What Users Want In Your Mobile App

Let’s face the truth once more – there is little to no user loyalty to the majority of mobile applications and nobody is willing to pay for them. But it never stops the startups from breaking through and monetizing their efforts.

The Open Source Software Conundrum

How can we make the brave decision to create a project entirely or substantially using Open Source Software (OSS)? In this article I take a look at a few ways in how we can justify the use of OSS for our projects and the criteria we can use to make the right selection.

How to Protect Your Microsoft PC Network

Protecting your Microsoft PC’s network requires a firewall, antivirus software, and some common sense. For example, be sure you secure your network with a complex password and always update your antivirus software. Many people have set up home networks so they can share an internet connection among desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, and gaming devices.

6 Ways to Use Your CRM Tool for Customer Retention

You’re in business. It’s natural for you to want new customers and to make patrons out of them. After all, you’re not in business because you want to fail. You’re in business because you want to succeed. You need your customers and your patrons to do just that. CRM tools are available to collect, gather and measure information that you need-to win customers over and to make them stay as patrons.

How Live Chat Software Gives More Exposure To Your Social Media Profile?

Having a social media presence has become the norm for most of the online businesses. With a strong social presence, a business can increase its online conversion rate, ROI as well as revenues. This is the reason that online business vendors are paying a great attention to promote their social media profiles.

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