Linux Tutorial Series – 115 – File modes and permissions

What Is a System Architect?

Have you ever been on the new edge of something and had to do a lot of explaining to help people understand what you did or what you were doing? If so, then you probably have a clue how folks that are called system architects feel when they are continuously asked by others what they do.

Enjoy the Benefits of Software Management Training

The training program enables the project manager has better understanding on how to handle the project. It is the course that will make the manager aware of different levels of software development.

Digital Download Companies Help DJs With Being Able to Afford the Latest Software

Being a DJ is a very competitive business. There are times when you can be on competition with 20 other DJs for the job and you have to go through this every weekend. It can be demoralizing but there are companies out there that can help you stand out from the competition.

What Should You Know About ERP Software

Many companies throughout the U.S. and around the world have implemented ERP software over the past several years and with good reason. This innovative software technology allows a business to operate in a much more efficient manner, and ultimately a company that is more efficient is more profitable.

Must-Have Features for Nonprofit Software Programs

While most people acknowledge that there are many options of software suite available for profit organizations, some are not aware of the variety of nonprofit software products that are tailored for the needs of a nonprofit organization. While using a standard business suite might be an option for many organizations, the time needed to fully automate or customize the workload is quite extensive. Since most non profits offer human services, there is a need to track and organize case files.

How to Install MathType in MS Word 2007

Got a problem with installation of MathType in MS Word? Here is the simple way to solve it.

File Management – How to Perform Effective PST Files Division

PST Split Tool helps us to divide huge PST files of Microsoft Outlook in numerous small files. While opening a heavy PST files Microsoft Outlook can crash and the valuable data can get lost or corrupted. MS Outlook is an email client-based application that assists us in emailing, managing data and information such as contacts, tasks, notes, calendar, journal and web browsing.

Types of Data Management Systems

There are many types of database management systems available for the use of individual and organizations. One can use a small scale management system for an individual computer. This is inexpensive and easy to handle. For a larger business organization a larger and more efficient management system is required. Therefore one needs to choose the database management system according to one’s needs. There are different types of database management systems available according to the complexity of network handled.

Font, Size and Spacing in MathType in Word 2007

As a more professional software than Equation Editor, MathType is more flexible with more features and options to modify. When we type math equations, there are mainly three aspects that can be customized – Font, Size and Spacing.

Technology Can Be the Difference Between a Good Sales Team From a B2B Sales Powerhouse

Buyers don’t purchase like they used to and this complicates the normal sales funnel. As IKO system highlights, the ‘failsafe’ BANT (Budget Authority Need Time) model is almost turning into the complete opposite. So what has changed in the back to back buying cycle?

Top 3 Myths About Project Management Tools Debunked!

Small and medium businesses in the industries such as professional services face an acute challenge in managing their projects using spreadsheets and ensure client satisfaction. This article analyzes top 3 myths which prevent business owners in moving from spreadsheets to the project management tools to streamline their project management processes.

The Easiest Way to Meet Your OHS Obligations

Each and every company needs to know the particular occupational health and safety obligations they need to address. This will always comprise of both internal and external obligations that need to be addressed so as to create a safe and secure work environment.

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