Linux Tutorial Series – 137 – Checkpoint

What Is an Intranet? A Guide for Success

Software selection can be intimidating, especially when starting from square one. Needing to learn the basics behind the software platform you are searching for, such as “what is an intranet?”, can be an overwhelming task. As you and your software selection committee commence your intranet selection journey and seek to define your intranet and business requirements, having a handy guide on essential definitions of commonly used terms within the intranet software industry can be invaluable.

The Journey of Test Automation

Software testing is a necessary process and everyone seems to agree on that. Where people differ is the timing and depth of the initiative. The industry has long moved from a stage when testing was considered a post-development, maintenance activity.

5 Open Source Firewalls You Should Know About

A summary of the features of five open source firewalls. Smoothwall, IPCop, IPFire, Shorewall, and pfSense are covered in this article.

Web Project Management Boosts Business And The Economy

Every business tries to find ways to increase productivity and profit. Hard economic times can often call for creative solutions in addressing places where efficiency is not optimal or the use of time is not well planned. Web project management gives businesses tools that can be used to overcome these obstacles, and this can help both the company and the workforce.

The Many Advantages Of Conducting Contract Management Process Online

Conducting contract management process online is very efficient not just for small companies but for companies of all sizes. Every business has some sort of contract to abide to, whether it involves rent schemes or even client agreements.

Manage The Authentic Voice – The Value of Listening to Members

Have you ever considered why there are many associations that don’t listen to the voice of their members – considering how vital a tool this can be? Decisions such as whether or not to invest in an annual membership subscription are usually influenced by the expertise, views and voice of peers. There will be members that are communicating with associations every day of the week advising them of their views and what they value.

Benefits Of Getting Automated Contract Management Services

It is critical for organizations, both small and big ones, to acquire automated contract management services. This will allow them to at least minimize the number of things they have to worry about every now and then. There are a wide range of tasks involved in a contract’s lifecycle.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Contract Management System

A contract management system can help companies in simplifying the process of authoring, reviewing, accessing and storing their contracts. This can be a very effective tool for companies that have numerous contracts.

The Steps Involved In A Contract Management Process

A contract management process is not a simple task. It involves a number of steps that should be looked into separately in order to come up with a viable outcome. It includes negotiating the terms and conditions of both parties as well as documenting all the agreed terms.

Is Biometrics the Future of Online Safety?

Both businesses and customers understand that PINs and passwords are quite often not enough to protect sensitive information. Online crime has become so common nowadays that governments and big businesses are looking into new ways of protecting our bank details and personal information online – biometrics is one of these ways, and it could be more viable than you might think. Biometrics is the use of biological data – such as a fingerprint or iris scan – to identify a human, rather than using a form of textual data such as a password.

Build and Manage Complex Databases Dynamically and Effectively With Dynamics 2013

The building of financial databases, workflow studies and management of Human Resources in an organization is becoming upheaval tasks for the financial and human resource managers. Especially in very large organizations, where the number of working employees is quite large, and a more intuitive and organized system of management and study is required to improve performance and increase efficiencies of the lot. Herein, the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, which is the software solution to take care of all your managerial and resource control and management needs, has been developed.

Windows 8 Anti-Virus Programs: The Best

Whenever a new operating system is released there’s always a mad rush to see which brand of anti-virus program is the best for the new platform. At the moment there are very few viruses floating around the internet for Windows 8 – both because it’s so new and because so few computers have actually changed to Windows 8 – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking into Windows 8 anti-virus programs. Here are some of the best that we’ve found…

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