Linux Tutorial Series – 14 – Starting a shell session

Useful Small Business Software

Running a small business is tricky with too many things to do and never enough time. You need to start working smarter, instead of harder and embrace technology to give you the edge and automate your tasks. The mantra of spending time working on your business and not only in your business holds true.

Different Benefits and Advantages of HTML5

Website designing and development is equal to the creation of a company. As a company needs special efforts to build its client base, a website also needs special attention to get the right amount of traffic.

Instant Office Messengers – Rewards and Benefits

In an era of constant business flux in which online productivity tools are announced by companies almost every week, inter-office messengers have gained substantial momentum. They have established themselves as a “must have” product in every office productivity arsenal. Inter-office messengers, or business messengers as they are also called, capture the benefits of instant messaging technology and customize them for use across the enterprise.

Software You Can Trust For 3D Architectural Rendering

Architecture is a domain that has leveraged the scope offered by 3D rendering to a great extent. By using 3D technology, the design can surely exceed customer expectations. The quality of output, along with the efficiency of the service provider also depends on the software used for the rendering purpose.

Windows Password Reset Disk

In case you forget your Windows password, you can use a password reset disk to create a new one. Windows recommends that you create a disk when you create your password to avoid losing access to your files and information. What do you require?

Leverage Custom Software Development to Grow

Many a times, the task to develop a software exclusively to meet your specific needs become a necessity. Off-the-shelf software can no longer meet your specific needs.

What To Look For In The Ideal Psychiatry EHR

For behavioral health practices, a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution prevents a specialist from becoming a patient. Well not really; but it does make the specialist’s life a lot simpler. Here are the features you need to consider when selecting the perfect Psychiatry EHR for your practice.

Psychiatric EHR Data Sharing a Must For Quality Care of Mental Health Patients

Among the many common myths in the healthcare world, it is also believed that like other illnesses, mental health patients do not need antibiotics, labs and physicals. This myth has been further strengthened because of the way data of mental health patients are recorded in the Psychiatric EHR. Even Obama’s Affordable Care Act could not make much of a difference in treatment of mental health patients’ data.

ERP Software: How Has It Changed?

In this age of technology, ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is becoming more and more common in virtually every industry. If you’re in business and aren’t familiar with ERP software, you could be in for a pleasant surprise – this cutting-edge technology is streamlining and automating nearly every business task each and every working day for companies all over the world. If you’re already an ERP user, you know the power behind this amazing software product. Regardless of whether you are new to ERP or an experienced user, it’s interesting and useful to review how the technology first began and how it has changed in the past 30 years.

Hospital Charge Capture Software Prevents Costly Billing Errors

Medical billing can be a nightmare for the patient and physician alike. But with major technology breakthroughs is software, this process has become much easier. Learn more about charge capture software and how it works.

Excel Tip – Split Your Pivot Table Filters Into Multiple Columns

This Excel trick is truly one of my all time favourite Excel tips, it also involves one of my favourite Excel features that of Pivot Tables. A standard Pivot Table will automatically add it’s filters in the filter area and stack them on top of each other. This can look cluttered and hard to navigate if there are more than two filters. This tutorial will show you how to split the filters along the columns along the top of your Pivot Table to make it more easily navigable.

Data Quality Improvement – For Efficient Performance of Organizations

It is absolutely necessary for the data to be of good quality if it has to be used for decision making. Using tools to improve consistency is highly recommended.

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