Linux Tutorial Series – 145 – Mounting a device

Employee Time Management Software

Managing employee time is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face today. Until recently, the prevailing paradigm used to be several disconnected components involved with time tracking, and organizing all the disparate time data from various departments and their systems was a major hassle.

Better to Leave the CMS Choice to Your Web Developers!

Often times, there arises confusion for prospective website owners, as to which CMS integration will be best suitable to build the site. This article helps them in understanding the highlight features of WordPress and Joomla, the two most-popular CMS frameworks, to arrive at an informed decision.

Convert Speech To Text On Your PC Without Spending

Typing paragraphs is not only time consuming, but also tiring. However, there are instances that we need to convert spoken idea to text. There’s no reason to be frustrated or upset when you feel that you will be forced to do something that you don’t enjoy-typing. There are free applications that you can use on your PC to convert audio to text with completely the same content.

Converting Audio To Text Using Your Smartphone

Uses of smartphones have gained a lot of popularity; sending emails, surfing the web, and converting audio files to text format to name a few. To keep up with the growing demands for file conversion, developers offer a lot of apps that users can use on their mobile phones.

Is Drupal a Good CMS for SEO?

The look and feel of your website provides the first impression of your brand to your prospects. This impression can generate leads, bring new prospects and promote brand loyalty. The only problem that you can face is that a professional and engaging site alone will not bring your visitors.

What Is Your Idea of the Perfect Document Storage System?

Do you have a list of ingredients which constitute your idea of the perfect document storage system? And before we go any further, I mean step away from specific types of system and ask how – in an ideal world – you would organise, store and access the documents that drive your business? People we speak to consistently put wanting to eliminate the paper – and automating will certain do this. But automating isn’t only about the physical removal of paper. Automating also means streamlining processing – and in doing so ticking many of the other boxes on a perfect storage solution wish-list.

Steps To Convert MP3 File To Text

Reports that are first saved as MP3 files need to be transcribed into text format. The user can manually listen and type in the words on their PC, or resort to the modern ways of allowing a program to automatically convert MP3 to text.

How To Convert Audio To Text in Mac

The evolution of technology has made the life of individuals remarkably easy. Students can now make lengthy reports and term papers without swelling their fingers in typing or writing, by using audio to text conversion software. They can now take advantage of their gadgets, to make their tasks easy and speedy.

PhoneGap: What Is Good And What Is Bad

PhoneGap is a framework for cross-platform development on HTML/JavaScript, for seven mobile platforms. Today one can read a considerable number of articles dedicated to PhoneGap, written by either native developers, who tried out cross-platform programming, or front-end developers, who tried out mobile development. Their assessment of how good or bad PhoneGap is, is influenced by their original field of activities; therefore PhoneGap is called either ‘cool’ or ‘flawed’.

The Challenge of Encryption and Data Security in the BYOD Movement

The “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement brings with it numerous challenges for organizations from all industries to tackle. Employees routinely bring their own iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, and other mobile devices to work or access servers remotely on their notebooks and personal computers at home.

Online Project Management Tool: The Best Guide to Enhance Your Business

Typically when the idea of online project management is actually discussed, it’s in the actual context associated with its application towards the business globe. However, most of the new web-based solutions currently available also offer methods to manage individual projects. They may be useful for virtually any kind of project that needs a group or committee to operate together.

Mainframe Software

The Enterprises working with mainframe systems should have a comprehensive list of the mainframe software available in the market to meet specific needs. Following is a short list of software used in the mainframe environment for serving various purposes: • Batch Management o AUTONOM/BATCH A product of UNICOM systems. It’s a menu-driven software, which is used to create and maintain the file definitions under CICS environment.

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