Linux Tutorial Series – 148 – The dd command

Bridging the Gap Between You and iPhone Developers

It is new and refreshing to strategically utilize the features and benefits presented by a mobile app and use it to promote various products and services offered by the business. The popularity of mobile apps, especially the Android and iPhone apps have increased manifolds, and presently an app guarantees a place of the business in the very home screen of the mobile phones of various users.

Top 3 Consumer Level Video Editing Software

If you have recently been bit by the video bug, you are probably looking for video editing software. Take a few minutes to review our top consumer level editing software list.

Internationally Outsourcing Software Development Services

The business process outsourcing industry is gaining more and more popularity around the world. The IT outsourcing includes software development services that can help you in cutting down costs. You can easily get some state of the art IT solutions when you function with offshore software development firms. Software development outsourcing is amongst the top most services around the world.

Online Answering Service: Who Can Benefit From This Technology?

With the advent of internet technology, communication these days has gone so much easier and faster. Online answering service, in particular, provides huge benefits to both big and small companies, as well as self-employed individuals, by freeing up their time and funds. The medical industry, where communication between patients and doctors is crucial, has also started to employ this nifty technology.

5 Marvelous iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

The way music speaks to our soul, nothing else does. The poetry in motion, and with groovy beats, music is a mood elevator, a stress buster and as John Keats might have said a thing of beauty. Now, this post comes bearing good news for the music lovers, who also happen to be lucky enough to own an iPhone, as we in this post shall be discussing about the iPhone apps which one can use to further intensify the music experience.

How To Excel In The Field Of Software Development?

Excelling in the software development industry is a real challenge today. As we all know that, developing a software program is a delicate task that consumes a lot of time as several necessary studies are conducted. In order to design up to the mark software as per the regulations of the clients, one needs to put in sincere efforts in implementing an effective plan for smooth workings.

Accounts Payable – To Automate or Not to Automate? Are You Getting Ahead or Just Getting by?

An interesting report from the Payments Council highlights that as individuals financial planning is the task we are most good at putting off. Apparently only 5 percent of us have the topic at the top of our ‘to do’ list. According to the social psychologist, Dr Gary Wood, who co-authored the report, this is because “Where finances are concerned we tend to be more reactive, than proactive… In short, we focus on getting-by rather than getting ahead.” This ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t mend it’ approach can also overflow into business – take automating Accounts Payable (AP) processing.

Double Your Profits With Java Software Development

A Sun Microsystems product, Java is an enigmatic and powerful software development platform. This programming language can be used to develop multipurpose and multi disciplinary applications, ranging from applications for mobile phones, various enterprises and going up till super computers etc.

5 Tips for Managing Staff Holiday Requests

Ensuring adequate staff cover and dealing with employee holiday requests can be a nightmare. Apart from the usual holiday entitlements, employers have to take into consideration workers on fixed-term contracts; part-time employees; staff on maternity, adoption or parental leave; starters and leavers etc.

A Short History of Internet Browsers and the Most Popular Web Browsers Used Today

It is common knowledge now that the guy who invented the internet was Tim Berners-Lee, his Worldwide Web used an internet browser called Mosaic. This later was renamed as Netscape and the browser was born. Midas Worldwide Web – The First Internet Browser?

3 Outlook Features That Keep Me Organized

One of the most frustrating things about computers is knowing that they can do way more than I know how to do. Microsoft products are notorious for having hundreds of great functions that you will never know about. One of the most popular Microsoft products is Outlook. I’ve personally found three functions of Outlook that changed my world, how I use Outlook, and how I organize my day.

The Necessity of Manufacturing Software Tools

The benefits of using high quality software in manufacturing and industry are well known but it never hurts to repeat them again, because they can really speed up development and help a lot of enterprises achieve results that are outstanding with the same budget as big corporations with thousands of employees. So here are a few areas where software tools for manufacturing can be used.

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