Linux Tutorial Series – 149 – A whole bunch of device related information

5 Awesome PfSense Features

A brief overview of some of the main features of pfSense, with an emphasis on features that are useful to the enterprise-level user. Functions such as load-balancing, failover and VPNs are discussed.

Social Email, Email Market Trend

Email is one of the vital communication tools within firms. You use email for everything from communication advances projects, information about the business. Regardless of the costs, email is still seen as an essential tool for getting done business successfully. The use of email will grow, but at a slower pace than some of the new capabilities, such as blogs, wiki, social communications and videos. Email will keep its relevance as an essential tool for business collaboration, evolving into a more integrated approach with these new tools.

Consider the Facts When Choosing the Right CRM Solution for Your Business

Salesforce and SugarCRM are two of the most well-known CRM platform that solves your business problem. But what are the main compelling points that made you switch to Sugar? In this article, we will be discussing why many organizations are moving to Sugar due to one or more of the following reasons.

Converting a Word Document to a PDF

If you want to ensure that your Word document looks the way you intended it to when you share it with others, convert it into a PDF. This article outlines how and why you should use PDFs when you send your documents to others.

Microsoft Word F Key Shortcuts

Ever wonder what the ‘F keys’ at the top of your keyboard are for? This article will introduce you to some of keyboard shortcuts that use the F keys.

Beef Up Productivity Levels Via Resource Scheduling Software

Collaboration between teams and departments is important to work intellectually. Resource scheduling software provides information to different departments, employees, teams etc. It is quite tough to attain synchronization among the different departments of an organization and hence arises the need of a resource scheduling software that provides information in real time.

iPhone Photography Apps You Should Not Miss

The latest iPhone photography apps bring some significant improvements for iPhone users who want to take their photography experience to the next level. The release of iPhone 5 delivers a more stunning photography experience where we can edit and enhance the quality of picture taken by using some photo effects. Most users don’t only rely on the powerful built in camera available on iPhone but also some great iPhone apps designed for serious photographers. It is a great idea to have a cool picture and let others know about your pictures.

The Key Features Of Good Project Management Software

There are so many elements to managing a project that it can be easy to get lost in what it means to have a really good piece of project management software working for you. The first critical part of any good management suite is that it must be Internet-based. The interactive nature of the Internet is idea for managing even the most detailed aspects of any project.

8 Ways A Restaurant Point Of Sale Software Can Boost Efficiency

Installing restaurant POS software in a dining establishment or a food court improves the efficiency and profits by streamlining operations. Here are 8 ways this helps to achieve better overall performance.

Visualizing Your Energy Data On A Graph

Make sure that you find a technology solutions company that not only creates a software which displays information, but also provides you post data processing suggestions. A good technology solutions company will fix your software for free if there are any bugs or problems in it.

Do Better Software Testing With SQL Table Audit

Learn how to use one of the industries best auditing tools to improve the quality of your testing. By learning to verify your test expectations by looking at the data, you can help minimize the amount of bugs that get missed. The database is the heart of many organizations and projects and it is at the database that you must ultimately ensure that things are getting recorded correctly. By using SQL Table Audit by Renhold Software you can auditing all data changes in a database. You can then use this to ensure that data changes that you expect are actually happening.

How Do I Choose The Best WordPress Membership Plugin For My Business?

One of the decisions you have to make as you grow in your online business, not too far after you have made your initial sales online I might add (that first online sale is always a magic moment) and when you have created your own info-product (typically an eBook, video series, audio programme etc – digital downloads) is ‘How do I create a secure membership site to deliver my premium offerings and which is the best WordPress membership plugin for what I want to deliver?’ There are multiple products out there that you could you could use…

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