Linux Tutorial Series – 151 – Checkpoint

Design Mistakes That Kill Applications

You don’t have to be an experienced designer to understand that there’s much more to design than just being appealing to the eye. It has to be fully compatible with the functional filling.

Small Businesses and CMMS Software

When running a small business there are just a few basic things that every business owner should know. First is that the way things are run is going to determine how profitable the business will be.

PfSense Vs M0n0wall

This article will compare the pfSense and m0n0wall firewall platforms. The advantages of each one will be discussed.

Tips to Choose the Right Healthcare Software Solutions

The trend to integrate software solutions in the healthcare industry is in traction thanks to the innumerable benefits of an automated practice management system in place. Like with any other type of software, it is important to choose the right healthcare software solutions to ease hospital management requirements.

UI and UX Are the Prime Measures for Every App Success

What’s the best way to measure an app’s success? Is it the feature set that it offers? Conventional wisdom says yes, but we’ve actually passed the turning point. UI and UX have officially become the new primary standard for measuring and predicting an app’s success.

How to Get Rid of Trojan Win32 Patched Na?

Tired of Removing again and again from your PC? Disappointed due to your antivirus and security programs delete this virus in vain? However, this post will guide you how to remove easily and entirely.

Things You Should Know Before Buying for a Restaurant POS System

A very important business tool for the restaurant industry is a Point of Sale (POS) system. Since a POS system uses handheld devices, errors and omissions typical of the manual order taking process are eliminated when an automated restaurant ordering system is used.

An Insight Into Restaurant Point of Sale Software

When we refer to Point of Sale (POS) software, we address its essential features and applications linked with the hospitality or retail business. A well equipped restaurant Point of Sale software helps in managing the checkout operations and acts as an interface with which the perspective customer transacts–during the course of making a purchase. What is POS software?

Is It Time to Switch Over to the Benefits of Free Cafe POS Software?

How often have you felt the urge to look around for appropriate free cafe POS software to address the ever increasing hardware problems surfacing in your establishment? Are you are desirous of re-installing the point of sales terminal in your restaurant or cafe? Are you now looking for reliable and secure restaurant POS software free programs to counter the increasing day to day costs and concerns connected with your system in use?

Android POS Terminal to Increase Your Restaurant’s Efficiency Multi-Fold

At about 95% of the cost of the outdated point of sale systems used in your restaurant or establishment, these Android based programs are much more secure and streamlined. Very easy to use and extremely workplace friendly– they can be operated on thin hand held devices -which are obviously the first choice for your customers and employees alike.

Are You Ready to Purchase the Best Coffee Shop POS?

Are you ready to launch yourself in the world of “Java” and coffee beans with a brand new coffee outlet? Well, if you are browsing around for the best POS coffee shop program for your new cafeteria or are desirous of reinstalling the café management software in your existing facility– then you certainly are spoilt for choices– with a host of solutions in the offing. Do read on for some vital inputs into the factors that need consideration while choosing the appropriate coffee shop software suite.

Microsoft Word – Improve Your Selection Techniques

How do you highlight text in Microsoft Word? If like most people you rely on the click and drag method, read this article to find techniques to improve the speed and accuracy of the way you select text in your documents.

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