Linux Tutorial Series – 156 – init

How Can Netsuite Training Benefit You?

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and many organizations are getting bogged down with systems that are incompatible. These systems are incapable of providing the right visibility across different functional areas or data is not shared properly.

The Importance of Time Management in Projects

Managing a project successfully can be very stressful. There are many factors to balance, but in many cases, there is nothing more important than the deadline. Knowing how to effectively manage your time is the only way to complete the job on time without error.

What Should Staffing Software Do for You?

Has your software been a major disappointment? Is it costing you more time and money than it makes for you? Ever wonder what the problem could be? You did the research, compared products and thought you selected the best software for your needs. How did the project go south?

Mainframe Security

For several decades mainframe is being vastly used in many public and private Organizations to hold business critical data. Banks, insurance companies, government entities and credit card companies are few of them. The important mainframe features in this regard are reliability, serviceability, scalability, performance and last but not the least security. To protect millions of daily transactions, the utilization of security features has to be strictly administered.

What Is Software Development?

Software development is one of the most sought after subjects at the moment, many companies need some kind of software to perform different aspects of their business. The competition amongst these companies is huge, with so many companies starting, as well as many students now studying software development in order to go into the profession.

Wireless POS System – A Handy Solution to Mobile Payments

At point of sale, also known as POS or a checkout place is a point where most of the retail transactions are carried out today. At this point, the customer makes payment to the merchant for the goods or services purchased by him. The amount to be deducted from the customer’s account is calculated by the merchant. This system is basically a mobile payment system that includes mobile technology used to process payments from a customer’s account using his credit or debit card.

Documents: Going Paperless, Staying Paperless

The benefits of converting paper documents to electronic are indisputable – and so much greater than just the storing and access aspects. Automated workflow streamlines processing, enhancing process cycle times, and brings a whole host of BI (business intelligence) and management information benefits. And yet many organisations seem to be missing this trick – AIIM recently reported on the findings of a research paper highlighting that more than half the organisations surveyed said they retyped data from scanned images.

Transitioning From WordPerfect to Word – Ease the Pain

Law firms love WordPerfect, but the standard in most businesses is Microsoft Word. As a result many law companies are transitioning from WordPerfect to Word. The expectation is that they are both word processing programs so they should behave the same way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read some tips to help you transition.

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts – Getting Started

Increase the speed of your word processing by using keyboard shortcuts. This is an introduction to some of the most common keystrokes that can be used in all Microsoft Office programs.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Boost and Get More Traffic

There are so many ways online to increase your blog traffic indirectly or directly via some top 10 WordPress plugins for 2013. By Using the WordPress plugins listed below, you can also boost your SERP’s rankings and readers engagement for more traffic. These great plugins are easy to use, free, and can have a significant impact on the number of visitors to your blog.

Absence Tracking Software

Technology has made our lives easier in so many different ways. It has made working almost so much faster and more efficient. Everything that used to be done manually is now just a matter of one click, and this is true especially when it comes to administrative work in the human resources department of any company.

Microsoft Word – Using the Show/Hide Command

Improve your working relationship with Microsoft Word by using the Show/Hide command. Lessen the frustration of working in a document that was created by someone else, by shining a flashlight into the deep dark corners of the document to see what the author was up to.

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