Linux Tutorial Series – 157 – Shutting down your system – what goes on

Is Microsoft Word Training Right for Your Law Firm?

Working with Microsoft Word is often considered to be straight-forward and in some respects it is. You can achieve almost anything with little or no training, but that isn’t to say the document created was built quickly or that it will be easy to edit at some point in the future. Here are some of the skills you should be familiar with if you want to use Word efficiently.

Are You a Designer or an Artist?

You can either create as a designer or an artist. While a designer chooses the paths that have already been specified, an artist describes his own path. There are pros and cons of each approach. Before you choose an approach for yourself, it is important that you clearly understand the difference between an artist and a designer.

FAA and EASA Part-145 English Language Regulation and Training

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Authority (E.A.S.A) require a holder of Part-145 repair station certification to ensure staff have the ability to use the English language for communications. Aviation maintenance professionals are required to speak read and write English to an adequate standard.

Close-Loop Marketing – Adding A Touch Of Your Personality To Your Business

How often have you longed adding that refined touch to your business that can take it to new heights? Or that something that can be just your secret mantra to a great flourishing market of your brand? I introduce to you one such trick, which isn’t much of a secret, but adds those feathers to your cap as a clever businessman. Close-loop marketing helps you to streamline your business processes and augment your sales pipeline.

The Myraid Benefits of an Edetailing Application

Edetailing simply means using the web-based technologies to sell your product. It is used for detailing a sales process.E-detailing is a knight in shining armour for both pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Wondering how? Read on!!!

Mackeeper Review – Can This Software Really Clean Your Mac?

Are you looking for a system utility software program that can keep your Mac’s hard drive clean and enable it to work faster than before? There are quite a few products of this sort available in the market these days and you’ll therefore be hard pressed to choose the right one. Mackeeper is one of the most popular software programs available for Apple users to choose.

File Integrity Monitoring – Is FIM Better Than AV? Is an AK47 Better Than a Knife?

Is a gun better than a knife? I’ve been trying hard for an analogy, but this one kind of works. Which is better? A gun or a knife? Both will help defend you against an attacker. A gun may be better than a knife if you are under attack from a big group of attackers running at you, but without ammunition, you are left defenseless. The knife works without ammunition and always provides a consistent deterrent, so in some respects, gives better protection than a gun.

Who Are Trade Surveillance Systems For?

Trade surveillance systems are software solutions that are designed to check market activity. They monitor the trading of financial instruments to determine whether it is compliant with the enabling legal framework.

Data Storage and the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Data storage takes many forms and can be broken down into primary, secondary, removable, and virtual data storage. Each category has its place. As an organization moves toward a virtual desktop infrastructure, some forms of storage system may be more appropriate than others. Here’s a look at the different types of storage systems and their place, if any, in a virtual desktop infrastructure.

E Content and Web Content

We often use the word ‘content’ and its different variations in our daily conversation and communication. If we are talking about a document or a web page, what ever is in it, we call it ‘content’. So what actually ‘content’ is? Let’s try and define content in generic way.

How to Change Joomla File Permissions

This articles covers the use of file manager to change Joomla file permissions. This can be useful when you add a new component or custom HTML module.

4 Vital Steps for a Successful SharePoint 2013 Migration

The latest release of SharePoint 2013 has undoubtedly created a frenzy among SharePoint users, making enterprises rethink whether to migrate from their existing setup or simply sit back and watch reviews. SharePoint 2013 is out with cool features and emphasizes more on the latest trends like cloud platform, social media and mobility. There are a lot of feature enhancements in these areas in comparison to SharePoint 2010 that makes SharePoint 2013 more compelling to adopt.

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