Linux Tutorial Series – 16 – Command history and cursor movement

Importance of CRM – What You May Lose by Not Modernizing Your Legacy Systems

Customer relationship management is one such solution that maintains and improves company’s interactions with present and future customers. This software identifies what delights and frustrates your customers, and brings all the data into one implementation.

Contact Management Software: Work With a Thousand Hands

The web based contact management software provides an easy multichannel approach for the agents. With this, a single person can handle the conversations of several clients at different locations sitting at one place.

Is Your Recruitment Management Software Managing Your Recruiting Process Efficiently?

It is important to consider that the recruitment management software that is purchased, is user friendly for the HR department and the help and quick support is available when needed. The cost effectiveness of the software should also be kept in mind. Usually for cloud based recruitment software available as SaaS, you only need to pay for the services you use. Choose a recruitment software that manages your recruiting process according to your own unique business needs.

5 Tips for Effective Performance Reviews

A performance review should be more than just a task to mark off your to-do list. As a manager, you can transform your review process into an effective way to improve employee performance and satisfaction. Time spent on performance reviews is an investment in your workforce. Here are 5 tips conducting effective performance reviews. Follow these suggestions to turn performance reviews into a meaningful – and maybe even enjoyable – process.

Outsource Your IT Department and Relax

The possibility of outsourcing various business processes has been given a boost over the last couple of years with the development of the cloud, which means activities such as IT support can be carried out remotely and more cost effectively. For many businesses this is one of the most significant and beneficial developments of recent times. There are, however, still some myths surrounding outsourcing that often put businesses off going for a managed IT system.

Online Billing Software With Loads of Features to Make Your Work Easy

Going for manual processes, when it comes to invoicing and billing gives a cumbersome feel and can be daunting more often. To get rid of the manual intricacies, we recommend online invoice and billing software that does the task almost instantly.

Cloud Property Management Software: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking to shine out of the competition as a hotel owner and provide the best services to your guests, Cloud property management software is an essential tool for. It is only with the help of this software that the popular hotels have managed to give a boost to the quality of services that they are able to provide to their guests.

Excel Tip – Calculating A Cumulative Sum Or Running Total In Excel

A running total or a cumulative sum, these terms are used frequently within Excel and usually mean or refer to the same thing. If this calculation is something you need to carry out, and you are not using a Pivot Table summary of your data in Excel, which has the running total or percentage running total as a built in options, then you will need to get a bit more hands on with your Excel formulas as there is no built in function or formula for Excel to do this automatically for you. It is pretty straight forward to get the correct result with a few clicks of your mouse. This article will walk you through creating a cumulative or running total in Excel.

Excel Tip – Add, Change or Remove a Trend Line to Your Excel Chart

In Excel charting you can add a trend line to any data series on a un-stacked, 3D, area, bar, column, line, stock, xy(scatter) and a bubble chart. Trend lines maybe always associated with a data series, but are not really representing the data of your data series but a trend in the data or prediction based on the data for the future. This article will take you through how to add, change or remove a trend line to your Excel chart.

Project Management Collaboration Done Online

Managing a company project is a challenge. Add to that a deadline, and the role of manager can be stressful. With people working under you and relying on you to successfully lead them to the completion of the project on time, it pays to have a system set in place which will help you effectively organize the logistics of the project.

Do’s and Don’ts of Software Localization

Given the constant competitive pressure on software firms to expedite market demands, many developers work under tight deadlines to deliver a functional software. This software is often geared for localization once the source language version is ready for release. Keeping these pressures in mind, developers should ensure that basic internationalization principles are followed while developing software to facilitate smooth localization efforts along with meeting market requirements for all the required languages, not just the source language.

5 Things You Must Know About Windows 10

Previously, the much hyped Windows 8 successor was named as Threshold or Windows 9, but Microsoft has confused every Windows user by naming its latest edition as Windows 10. Soon after unveiling the latest version of Windows, the company made its technical preview version available for download. The tech giant has created a huge trust and reliability factor in global markets by acknowledging the shortcoming and promising to offer a better successor.

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