Linux Tutorial Series – 161 – Printing – how I do it

Don’t Be a Time Waster at Work

Recent studies have shown that workers in the U.S. are spending more and more time engaged in personal tasks on the Internet. Although it might be tempting to do a little shopping, read the local news and weather forecast or communicate with friends through social media, wasting time at work can put your job in jeopardy.

Work Safety Made Easy with Technology

In the tough world of hard industrial labor, accidents are a regrettably unpleasant (and frequently tragic) element that straddles numerous industries. Unfortunately, it is a sad fact of life that workers everywhere are fraught with a never-ending laundry list of potential mishaps and catastrophic injuries. For example, a roofer can accidentally fall through a decomposed ceiling, or inadvertently plunge through a thin plastic-covered skylight opening. Workers employed by paper mills sometimes develop breathing troubles due to conventional paper bleaching methods releasing chlorinated dioxins into the environment. Dioxins are highly toxic to humans and can cause long-lasting health effects that include hormonal, reproductive, developmental and immune problems.

Categories Of Business Process Management

Business Process Management shortly called as BPM is a methodical approach for making the workflow of an organization to be more effective and capable of becoming accustomed to an ever-changing atmosphere. It aligns all aspects of a company with their requirements and wants of clients. It can be described as a holistic approach that can encourage organizational efficiency and effectiveness apart from striving for modernization, litheness and incorporation with technology.

Microsoft Access Runtime – What Is It? And How to Use It

What is Runtime? A Runtime version allows customers to use a trimmed down version of Microsoft Access database you have created. This allows businesses to have multiple computers accessing one database located on a server without needing to purchase multiple copies of MS Access.

Are Your IT Service Management Operations Running Smoothly?

Let’s face it. Having a good Information Technology system at work is important for many of us. We need performance and stability with our technology in order to properly do our jobs. Are the IT systems running smoothly in your company? In this article, author Tim Lambert poses this question, and makes suggestions on you you can do about it.

Having Trouble Getting Google AdWords To Work In Firefox?

Are you having trouble using Google AdWords in your browser? Are you using Firefox, with add-ons installed? If you start your browser in Safe mode and your account loads and is fully functioning, then the problem may very well be with the add-ons you are using and/or their settings and preferences.

Defining Mobile Sales Enablement in Brief

Sales enablement is an approach by a sales person to improve sales from a customer by utilizing appropriate information.Sales enablement is the act of equipping the sales personnel with the right information, which could enhance sales objectives with a key to revenue generation and mobilization of the asset.

How Indian NBFCs Are Using Mobility to Lower Operational Costs and Increase Revenues

NBFCs in India are struggling to maintain high margins, fighting high borrowing and lending rates. However, across the globe, 1 technique is consistently effective in increasing overall profitability: boosting operational efficiencies. Operational efficiency, or achieving more productive operations through lower investment, can be achieved in two ways: reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Why You Should Hire a Web Design Company for Creating Your Website

Online commercial activities have increased manifolds over the past few years. Printed promotional materials and newspaper advertisements are becoming extinct, paving the way for web marketing techniques. Whether you are a businessman who plans to launch a website for your growing business or you presently have a website but you want to improve it, in both these cases, the best option is to hire one of the many web design companies.

Going Paperless – From the Individual to the Business

Last week I decided to open a new gym membership.”No problem,” they said, “just bring some proof of identity – driving licence and a utility bill will do.” So, no problem, I thought, until looking through my filing cabinet I realised I didn’t have a utility bill – not a physical piece of paper I could actually pick up and take down to the gym, because I’ve opted to go paperless and get my monthly bills and quarterly statements by email.

Document Apps for iPad

iPads are often taken to be merely a device for entertainment and surfing. This however is not true. iPads come handy for increasing productivity related tasks that were only supposed to be carried out on laptops. There are various views and conflicts related to the productivity of this device. You will not be able to carry out all types of tasks on your tablet. For example, when you attempt to create a simple text document you will be easily able to carry on with the task. If you are thinking about creating a spreadsheet or a complex document then it is advisable to use a Mac or your PC.

Slacker: A Music App for iPad Users

Streaming music on demand, creating play lists and excellent quality of music is what we all desire. Although there are many apps available for music but recently an app called Slacker was launched for iPad users.

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