Linux Tutorial Series – 165 – The ip command

Web Based Solution for Time Checking System

It is imperative that a company uses a tool to manage and track the time of their workforce. There are many options to perform this function. A popular and efficient way is to use a web based time checking system. It eliminates usual problems that plague traditional software installation.

Time Tracker for Freelancers: Basic Principle for a Successful Freelancer

Freelancing is a very promising job. It can provide a good source of income without the rigidity and strictness of a corporate organization. The biggest challenge in entering a freelancing career is how to manage work and personal time. Time tracker for freelancers is a helpful tool for time management. Along with some basic principles it is not hard to be successful in this field.

Safe Guard Your Sensitive Data Using 7 Simple Steps

Some pieces of information need to be handled confidentially. They can either be personal or business stuff. If some of this data lands in the wrong hands, so much may take place, especially if the data is business related.

Network Inventory Software – Handle IT Asset Management With Ease

Many organizations these days have large IT networks that comprise of a lot of hardware and software. This generally requires a large investment but it is also very necessary since it enables work to be done efficiently. Not only do companies need to buy IT assets but they also need to maintain them properly in order to ensure that they give the best performance.

MS Excel – Exploring MIN and MAX Functions

The MIN and MAX functions are two of Excel’s statistical functions that I find great for quick little calculations of the MINimum and MAXimum values in a range of data. Let’s look at the basics of the functions then, see how a little additional information can make these REALLY useful functions. by combining it with the IF function. There is an example file download that that accompanies this article.

Best Plugins to Install in a WordPress Blog

Are you a WordPress blogger looking for the best plugins to enhance the functionalities of your blog? In that case, you are at the correct place. Here, we have outlined a few popular WordPress plugins for the bloggers. Take a look to know about them.

Tip Of The Day – Boost Your Brand Image With Live Chat Software

Your brand image matters! You can enhance it by using live chat software on your website. This web-based tool reaches out to visitors in real-time. Website visitors can discuss their apprehensions to do business with your company. Live chat representatives actively listen to what they have to say and then wipe away their qualms.

Microsoft Access Forms: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Unbound Access Database Forms?

Working with Microsoft Access forms – What are the pros and cons of using unbound Access database forms? Getting to know the difference between unbound versus bound can help make the difference between a fast and efficient database system versus a potentially bloated and slow system if care is not applied when designing your application.

Sharks Smelling Oracle Big Data Blood?

The central element in the unfolding of Business Intelligence history is predictive analytics and a shift has been underway in employing this technology among all BI Megavendors. Gartner expects that Big Data will drive $34 billion in IT spending worldwide this year.

6 Steps to Doing PDF Archiving Right

Many businesses and organizations now have an interest in converting Microsoft Sharepoint to PDF and PDF archive processes. While Sharepoint is a program that is currently being deployed in many businesses and organizations as a means of effectively and inexpensively managing content and for collaboration purposes, it lacks the ability to automatically convert documents to PDF for the purpose and intent of PDF archiving. However, there are currently programs available that will allow businesses and organizations to successfully convert Sharepoint to PDF for PDF archive. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn 6 basic steps to ensuring that your business or organization is doing PDF archiving right.

Looking for a Low-Priced Feature-Rich Website for Your Business? Choose DotNetNuke!

Have a robust, full-featured site deployed in no time with DotNetNuke, one of the world’s most trusted content management systems (CMS). While most other CMS’s offer limited functionality, DotNetNuke’s (DNN) free community version provides even more functions, such as events content, announcements, discussions, FAQ’s and various customizable forms. This simply means much more power-packed features and options to complement your aggressive business.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Install a Plugin

Plugins are pieces of software codes that enable applications or programs to do things that applications or programs cannot do by themselves. Adobe Flash Player is one of the commonly used software codes, without this plugin you cannot view videos embedded into web pages.

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