Linux Tutorial Series – 166 – The ping command

7 Characteristics Of The Perfect QB Hosting Provider

When endowed with the task of choosing a QB hosting provider for your business, making the right decision is your absolute aim. Brand hunting at this stage is less likely to yield the desired results. The path to choosing the best QB hosting provider can be simplified by creating a checklist of the below mentioned characteristics and then selecting the perfect fit for your business.

Norton Technical Support – Is It A Bane or A Boon?

When the PC is exposed to malicious virus and Trojan horses, there is a good chance of the system being hacked, confidential information getting stolen, the performance of the PC becoming really poor in the form of speed, PC rebooting on its own, applications not properly and so on. That is why all Norton antivirus issues have to be addressed urgently. If these problems are not taken care of as soon as possible, the risk factor increases manifold.

Debunking Five Myths About PDF SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint has proven to be quite a helpful document and content management program. At one time, it was believed the benefits of SharePoint were minimal. However, as more and more entities began using SharePoint in the operation of business functions, it was discovered the program had far-reaching benefits to it. Those wishing to perform SharePoint to PDF transfer found the software to be incredibly easy to use and contributed to a much smoother completion of tasks in the office.

20 Words and Phrases to Avoid in Any Proposal

The time has changed. But many companies still use same words and phrases, which do not make any sense in today’s business world. Here is a list of words and phrases that you should not use in your proposals and the reasons why. Sometimes companies use them out of habit. Sometimes using words they imagine are routine. Sometimes they put them on the cover.

10 Rules For Safer Web Surfing!

Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and other malware are a huge problem in today’s online world. These nasty critters can get you in numerous ways. Here are ten safe surfing tips to keep you from getting eaten by these web terrorists!

Sharing Files and Folders On a Windows Network

The three following methods for Sharing Files and Folders should work the same with just minor differences in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This will allow the files and folders to be viewable in your network.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Use But Don’t!

This article explains common Windows keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can increase your efficiency in using the Windows operating system.

Basics of Web Development

The article is written primarily written to address the needs of those who desire to learn about the basic terminology relating Information Technology. It includes basic terms definitions and can help develop basic understanding of the newbies in the field of information technology.

Thrive Your Logistic Business Remarkably With IT Solutions

If you are running a logistic services providing company or working in some big logistic company then you cannot deny with the fact that IT solutions has changed this business domain dramatically over few years. Newbie business organizations can take benefit from innovative web technologies to flourish their businesses.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Software Developer

The process of hiring a software developer can be challenging. Of course, you want to hire the best software developer you can find. But, you also wish to ensure that the developer who is handling your work is the best fit for you and the needs of your business.

ERP Software for Your Workload

ERP software solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) are the reasons behind the benefits managers get to experience. These software programs allow managers to stay connected with their workplace and staff members.

Significance of Structured N-Tier Architecture in an IT Organization

The utilization of N-tier application development structure is on the high-rise. No doubt, the architecture offers a wide range of benefits, before as well as after the development of the app. Read the article to know more about N-tier architecture, and its increasing requirement in the existing environment.

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