Linux Tutorial Series – 172 – Compiling a program – what does that even mean?

How Data Visualization Helps Enhance the Value of Business Intelligence

With massive amounts of data available both internally and externally, making sense of the information isn’t easy. However, business intelligence (BI) tools make it easier. With a robust BI solution in place, it becomes possible to mine data from diverse databases for insights, trends, and analysis. Business intelligence is hot right now, but not all BI solutions are created equally. As powerful as these tools are and as richly detailed as reports may be, the results can be difficult for the average manager to decipher – and more importantly, use. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to puzzle over stacks of business intelligence reports when you have a solution that includes data visualization tools.

Going For PHP Development For Websites Is A Great Idea

The development of a website with the help of PHP is absolutely available for free, and the installation is also quite easy. There are of course several reasons for which you should use this language.

Customize Your Profile Settings In Microsoft Lync Notification

Microsoft Lync is a very useful and beneficial software in organisations. The tools provided by this software are very helpful in customizing your profile settings in the manner you want it to look. The options like making groups, setting availability status and relationships help you communicate more easily and smoothly resulting in better productivity.

Do You Want to Split As Well As Merge Your PDF Documents?

Do you have some large-sized PDF documents and multiple smaller PDF files? Are you having problems while managing these files? Do you want to split your large-sized PDF document into multiple smaller parts? And, do you also want to merge your multiple PDF documents to a single file? But you do not know how. These actions can be easily executed by using a manual solution as well as a third-party software application. So now do not worry. Just keep reading this article to know how to split and merge PDF documents.

Web Hosting Choices Available

Which web hosting service and type is the best for your website? And which will allow you to host your own help desk software?

An Advanced Way to Protect and Unprotect PDF Documents

PDF files may contain very crucial information therefore, these files are invaluable for any individual or an organization. File security is one of the main concerns for Adobe PDF users. If the files are not protected or secured, then any unauthorized user can access the files. You can apply various types of securities to your PDF files. Or sometimes you need to access some secured or protected PDF files created by any other user. In such situation you need to remove the securities from them. You can use third-party PDF Protect and PDF Unprotect software to protect your PDF files as well as to remove restrictions from secured PDF files.

Stock Trading Software – Check Out These Features Before You Invest in One

Stock trading is a risky proposition, especially in the current times because the financial market is fluctuating drastically. Nevertheless, you cannot deny the fact that if you trade intelligently, stock trading is a great way to earn good money and achieve a high degree of financial freedom.

E-Signatures To Re-Define Your ROI!

In view of today’s fickle economic weather, it is imperious for a resolute business administrator to meticulously check his/her company’s Return on Investment (ROI). A characteristic ROI analysis suggests an assessment of any investment made in terms of gross returns over a detailed period. So, in case an investment fails to meet the estimated ROI, or prospects for any kind of additional opportunities with ROI pop up, this kind of evaluation consents to provide faster adaptations.

The Basic of Becoming a Computer Programmer

Computer programming is a job that usually requires constant education. When doing this, software engineers ought to constantly be looking for more study material and ways to develop their skills.

Best Way To Manage Your PDF Files: Split, Merge, Protect and Unprotect PDF Files

PDF aka Portable Document Format is one the best and popular file formats of all time. It has several benefits or advantages what other file formats do not have. Where the PDF files are very useful for computer users, on the other hand it becomes very challenging to manage them. There some issues which usually occur while managing PDF files, such as: how to break a large PDF, how to combine multiple PDFs, how to protect PDF and how to open a protected PDF. In all these situations PDF managing becomes quite difficult for PDF users. A third-party PDF Management tool can help you manage your PDF files by splitting, merging, protecting and removing restrictions from PDFs.

The PHP Developer’s Nemesis

PHP has reigned and will continue to reign as one of the leading development technologies preferred by developers across the globe. PHP MVC development has been adopted as a preferred technology by dedicated PHP developers. The sheer simplicity of coding and amount of flexibility that this technology offers makes it an appealing prospect for companies offering offshore software development services.

The Increasing Move to E-Invoicing and Recent Improved UK Payment Performance

In a recent report on European payment trends, the business information provider Dun and Bradstreet reveals that payment performance in the UK has improved over the past year – and identifies the increasing move to e-invoicing as a possible factor behind this change. As it’s long been recognised that late payments are in most cases caused by poor practice and inefficient and slow processing procedures prone to error, it would be hard to see why automating accounts payable (AP) processing and implementing a streamlined and efficient solution would not have a major effect on improving payment performance.

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