Linux Tutorial Series – 173 – Plot twist – not all programs are compiled

Know About The Benefits Of Print Management Software

Print Management Software is one of the must-include parts of a business when budget plays a great role. It helps you in better tracking of the print quotas, which is the busiest printer, important documents to print etc.

SharePoint Workflow Solutions to Drive Workforce Productivity

SharePoint workflow solutions help organizations by automating manual processes and help workflow participants become more efficient and productive when working with documents, forms and libraries in SharePoint. Using SharePoint, an employee can start a workflow on a document and easily accomplish his task.

8 Reasons Why Mobile App Startups Fail

A successful mobile startup begins with a great idea. Its implementation requires thorough planning. But the mistakes remain the same, and here is a list of the most common reasons why mobile startups can eventually fail.

Independent Software Testing Services and Their Benefits

Once the designing and development of software is completed, it becomes essential to test each and every module before implementing them. You might wonder what’s new in this as many companies used to do that.

Benefits of Automating Time and Attendance System in Your Company

There was a time when most of the companies used time cards/time sheets to keep track of their employees working hours, entering data manually into the payroll systems. These manual processes are long gone and are replaced by much more efficient automated time and attendance systems. These automatic systems are suitable for all types of businesses ranging from small to large scale companies. These systems are very economical, which allows an organization to collect, manage and process time and attendance data with ease.

Security Compliance – Using a Clear Screensaver

One area I’m often asked about is how to secure a system that has a requirement for an openly viewable screen? Most rules and regulations will tell you that you must employ some kind of screen lock when you are away from the system. While this works out great for the average user on his office workstation, this poses a huge challenge for a screen that’s attached to a system that’s not actively being operated but the information on the screen must still be displayed at all times.

Merits of Scientific Data Management

Scientific data management is a division of specialized applications software solutions whose purpose is optimizing laboratory operations, processes, data generation and processing and other scientific processes. They optimize efficiency by providing an effective method for data generation and acquisition, sorting and storage, information analysis and processing, handling of samples, data reporting and management. The amount of data generated in research situations is ever increasing, and the processing needs for this information are high.

Sneaking Into the Future of Technology

Every other individual nowadays is trying to predict the future of technology. Everyone has got their own valid points.

Enterprise Email Archiving Solutions: Best Answer to Emails Storage and Access Problems

Enterprise email archiving solutions ensure greater eDiscovery, storage, and knowledge management across global locations and data centers in almost no time. Cloud email archiving service requires no purchasing or installation cost. It offers anytime access to all kinds of business emails from any region of the world.

Product Owner

Product owner plays a vital role in managing product backlog, deciding the product release date, visioning and product road mapping. A Product Owner also connects end-customers and stakeholders. Such varied responsibilities make the product owner a multifaceted and challenging role.

Convert ANSI PST to Unicode Format or Unicode PST to ANSI Format

In MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions, the PST file is saved in ANSI format. This format has 2 GB size limitation. In MS Outlook 2003 and its later versions, the PST file is saved in Unicode format. It has a maximum size limitation of 20 GB and 50 GB in MS Outlook 2010. A Unicode PST file cannot be opened in the earlier versions of MS Outlook which support ANSI format. You must convert the format of a Unicode file to ANSI if you want to open it in the earlier versions. Or sometimes you need to upgrade your ANSI PST file to overcome the situation of corruption. It can be difficult for you if you do not have an appropriate solution. I want you to keep reading this article.

Extract Your Maximum Data From Corrupt ZIP Archive

The ZIP archive format is the best container for computer data and files. It stores all your files in a compressed form. Compressed files are very useful to store and send or transfer data over the network. ZIP file takes less space to be stored in the system and less time to be shared over the network. But sometimes a ZIP archive becomes inaccessible or unable to be extracted due to corruption. In such critical situation you may lose all your data stored in the ZIP archive forever. This problem can easily be resolved by using third-party ZIP recovery software.

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