Linux Tutorial Series – 21 – Parent and current (working) directory – what do these terms mean?

IBM Introduces New Private Cloud Packages for PureSystems

For many a year now, the main strategy for IBM has been to introduce data management and operating systems that are able to set themselves up, manage themselves and to heal themselves when they are broken. However, with its latest…

A Tutorial to Setup Windows 8 Defender to Scan On a Schedule

Since Microsoft has always tried to make their latest operating system (OS) series a step ahead in terms of security and privacy features, the tech giant this time has introduced Windows 8 with an advanced Windows Defender. Apart from making improvements in the software user interface (UI), the company has also added features like UEFI Secure Boot optimizations, and the extension of the SmartScreen Filter across the OS.

Integrate Your Business Processes by Utilizing Manufacturing and Logistics Solutions

In a global economy, ensuring the proper flow of resources from the source to the point of delivery is very complex. An efficient logistics management of flow of resources and commodities from manufacturing depots to the point of consumption infrastructure is necessary to ensure that manufactured goods are delivered at the right place.

Why to Invest in Resource Scheduling Software

This article describes the importance of a resource scheduling software and why organizations should invest in them so that it can help them to manage their resources and how it will help them to get long term benefits. It also represents a clear picture that what problems are encountered while managing resources of an organization.

How to Delete History Permanently

Due to privacy concerns, many of us need to delete our online history at one point or another. Internet browsers offer basic history deletion tools that do not delete history permanently. Most of the time, history removal is related to deleting porn history. In order to perform selective and permanent porn history deletion, specialized software are required.

Software Testing Framework – Maintain Your Business Competitiveness

In today’s technology driven era, the significance of Software development in managing multiple and wide array of business tasks cannot be denied. Professional developers develop software’s depending upon business requirements of their clients.

Making Online Project Management Simpler

There are many ways to manage a project at work. One of the easiest and most effective is through online apps or services. Rendering printed task lists and white boards obsolete, moving project management online can reduce waste, increase communication, and bring about the successful completion of a project sooner then predicted.

Simple Ways to Make Web Based Project Management Easier

Projects by their very nature are complex. This is especially true when the project has multiple parts and individuals assigned to specific tasks. When combined with a web element, these projects can become a problem.

How to Solve the Biggest Challenges With Recruiting

As many of you know the staffing and recruiting industry has grown rapidly. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), staffing firms have created 19,700 new positions in September alone and the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.9%.

All About DirectX

DirectX is a valuable piece of software that makes it possible to use and display the complex multimedia functions and computer graphics. By using the versatile set of tools offered by DirectX it is possible for the computer programmer to create the more striking graphic elements and video games.

Benefits of Tessellation Performance With DirectX 11

DirectX 11 is an API (Application Programming Interface) that helps to display the striking visual and a multimedia element, such as those used in 3D games. This makes the tessellation graphical techniques available to game developers.

Inventory Management and Control Suites – Soft Tools for Tough Businesses

Lately, a flurry of start-ups have been observed in India. Some of them have successfully tapped resources and networks to attract venture capital, while others are poised to scale the steep slopes on their own. Interestingly, a major percentage of these young and passionate entrepreneurs have shown a little knack for the traditional businesses involving products that have a physical existence.

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