Linux Tutorial Series – 45 – head and tail commands

The Advantages of Using Automated Fixturing Software

Automated fixturing software can help sports administrators immensely in organizing and managing sports events efficiently and flawlessly. Organizing and managing sporting events or competitions can be a huge challenge for the administrators, and requires a great deal of their time and patience.

Benefits of Using EMR Software

Integrated technologies are improving the standards of human life, which is inclusive of health care too. Here is an elucidating article speaking about (Electronic Medical Records) EMR software, an integrated technology, and its benefits.

Tips for Finding the Best Inventory Management Software

Automating your supply chain and inventory can seem to be a daunting task whether you are upgrading an outdated automated inventory control system or starting fresh by adding software management for the first time. For each situation, there are several considerations in which to take into account, such as cost, integration with existing methods and technologies, and the time frame needed to learn the new system. Many small businesses already use accounting software (such as QuickBooks) and having an inventory control program that integrates with these programs is a worthwhile idea.

10 Easy Ways to Stay Safe From Cybercrime!

We spend so much time and effort keeping our houses safe, but do we pay enough attention to the safety of our computers? Here are ten easy ways to stay safe from cybercrime.

Microsoft Windows: You Took Away My What?!?

Most of us have a very personal (-ish) relationship with our computers, we connect to people through them, we pay bills and explore through them too. So, when Microsoft turned our familiar Windows on its head, the public let loose. The tile interface idea for Windows 8 by itself wasn’t all that bad; for users with touch laptops and tablets it works just fine, but then Microsoft went a step beyond. They took a nice innovation for touch devices and inexplicably shoved it into the desktop realm.

The Aftermath of Windows 8

They (Microsoft) had no clue how attached people had become to their beloved start button and the comfortingly familiar desktop. “Hey, look! Here’s a cool new touch feature to play with!” Would have gone over so very much better than the “Hey look! We took away everything you like and replaced it with a cool new (mandatory) feature most of you can’t use!” we all received.

Top Virtualization Software

Software virtualization is the process of virtually duplicating programs rather than having multiple licensed copies of it. This process allows for multiple users to securely access the same software in-house through an Internet connection.

Tips For Virtualization In The Workplace

Virtualization is the process of virtually duplicating something rather than having multiple actual copies of it. Virtualization can be used for computer network systems, operating systems, hardware platforms, and storage devices. Computer duplication is a large part of reducing IT costs within businesses because with virtual copies of the software and hardware platforms businesses do not have to spend money on multiple copies of things and can pay for a bundled package.

Hit On The Ultimate Browsing Experience

If you’re looking for a fast and lightweight program that can benefit you with the best browsing experience, you need to peep through your own web browser to get it actively working for you. Yes, the ball is in your court now. You just need to keep it rolling.

A Brief Look At Web App Development

This article reveals how Ruby on Rails has made the application development task more quicker and efficient today. Check out the article to know more about Web App Development.

DevOps and Cloud Computing: Interview With Ian Moyse

Ian Moyse, a renowned cloud expert caught our eye a few months ago for his involvement in many large IT events held in the UK. He’s also a keynote speaker, and many of Ian’s presentations can be found online.

Is Your Organization Too Small to Implement an Employee Referral Program?

There is an oft repeated myth that smaller organizations don’t really need to have an employee referral program since the quantum of hiring is not so big. The fact is that with their limited resources, smaller organizations have an even greater need for a robust referral program than large corporations. They do not have big recruiting teams who can spend hours interviewing innumerable candidates or big pockets to spend on advertising on job portals or give out as agency fees and the like.

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