Linux Tutorial Series – 47 – The su command

MDM Rewind – Evolution Of ERP Systems Empowered By MDM Solutions

ERP systems have evolved greatly over the ages. Today, they work hand-in-hand with master data management solutions to offer excellent business opportunities.

Does Agile Exist Once You Implement It In Your Project?

It may be possible to find out whether a particular organisation is in fact implementing Agile scrum in a proper manner by checking if certain Agile trademarks are exhibited in the project using an Agile framework. Find what those characteristic trademarks are.

MDM Solutions And Data Migration – Migration Of Multiple Masters

Every organisation has small and key masters. During data migration, it is important to use master data management tools and manage them appropriately.

Learn the Important Ins and Outs of Project Management Tools

Many projects can seem extremely complex when you are viewing them from a large scope. However, project management tools can be used to breakdown tasks and make every aspect of a project more manageable for the manager and for the team as a whole. There are many different project management tools that can offer a wide range of benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Will You Recognize The Right Fuel Distribution Software When You See It?

One of the most challenging decisions that any modern-day manager is faced with is choosing the right software for his or her company. And it’s no wonder considering how many there are to choose from! If you’re in the fuel distribution business, it can be a particularly daunting task.

3 Major Benefits of Custom Software Application Development

Now a days Custom Software Application Development, is the new trend in application development industry, it allows user to put their ideas with the experts technology to built a new and innovative application. What benefits you get with the blend of users idea and experts technology.

Cloud Computing In a Nutshell

We all heard the term ‘Cloud Computing’ and we’ve all probably said Cloud this or Cloud that at some point in time, but what is the ‘Cloud’ and how can it help me? Don’t you just hate it when there is a new trend and everybody is talking about it like they invented it? They’ll usually use complicated verbiage to try and confuse you as much as possible into buying or overpaying for something you might not need at all or at least not at the volume they are trying to sell to you.

Microsoft Word: Changing Your Document View

Have you used different views in Microsoft Word? Just like online maps, Word has more than one option when it comes to viewing a document.

Tips and Tricks Make Excel a Fun Work

Simply put, no one has enough time to accomplish everything in this faced -paced economy where you have to be constantly on the run. Ironically, to find more time you have to save time! Now, Excel, as important as it is, could be a tad bit tricky but dead useful if you know your shortcuts well. If you know of various Excel Tips, you’d be amazed to know of its immense capabilities. For the sake of you and all the marketers, we are putting together ten most useful excel tricks that will help you wrap up your projects a bit sooner than what you promise in the deadline.

How to Work Amongst IT Professionals

After you have graduated from college, you will be ready to work amongst all of the other IT professionals in the world. It may be daunting to enter into a company where you know there will be a lot of other professionals staring you down every day. It is not something that you should feel nervous about because you have to remember that you just graduated and therefore you are knowledgeable about all of the latest technology. You have something unique to bring to the table.

Transform Your Work Force in to Salesforce


Benefits of Reponsive Design

Since there is no need for a separate mobile copy of the website, this approach proves to be cheaper and less time taking where as to build a separate mobile site would mean investing more time and resources. This also proves to be quiet effective in terms of man hours since the administrator dos not need to manage two separate websites.

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