Linux Tutorial Series – 5 – Users

Excel Tip – Find The K-th Largest Value In Your Excel Data Set Using The LARGE Function

This article will show you how to efficiently find the “Kth” largest value in your Excel data by using the LARGE function in Excel. It is a really handy function to know that will easily allow you to select a value based on it’s relative standing in your data set. For example to find the highest, runner up or 3rd place value in a list of numbers

How To Calculate The Most Improved Sales Area With An Array Formula In Excel

This article will show you how to find the most improved sales in four areas, really quickly by using an array formula in Excel. Array formulas are a really powerful tool to have in your Excel toolbox. An array formula works with a series of data values, or an array of values rather than single values as with a normal formula. Let’s see how this makes life easier with a walk through an example.

ERP Software Making Life Easier in Complicated Industries

Today’s business software has effectively reduced the amount of time it takes for businesspeople to accomplish their goals. ERP (enterprise resource planning) software in particular has become increasingly common for companies of all sizes and in all types of industries, and with good reason.

Excel Tip – How To Easily Move A Pivot Table Or Pivot Chart

This article will take you through how to quickly and easily move a Pivot Table and Chart either around your current work sheet or to a new work sheet in Excel. Once you have created your Pivot in Excel, you may decide to move it to an entirely new work sheet, or to a different location within the same work book to enable you to rearrange a dashboard or add and delete columns or rows. It is also sometimes easier to work on a Pivot on a separate sheet then move it to where you it to finally be placed once you have finished.

Web Based Project Management – Simplifies Management Tasks

Web based project management is how business is done now. The work day for project managers has never been based on the regular nine to five that other people enjoy. As a project manager you have to be on 24/7 or risk being able to make those deadlines.

7 Benefits of the Doctor and Clinic Management System Software

Doctor and Clinic Management System Software is a cloud based solution to your woes related to all aspects of hospital management. It brings simplicity to various such activities right from the patient’s appointments, their treatments to payment and services that covers the hospital’s other requirements that covers its employees and etc.

POS Software for Retail Outlets

With the profuse penetration of smartphones on a global scale, the small equipment has been a part of a quiet revolution in the social front. This phenomenal success of smartphones is also shaping the future of payment mechanism at retail outlets. POS hardware and software being at the heart of transactions between consumers and retail merchants, challenges on the technical front are as important as the trivialities regarding acceptance among shoppers and good business decisions.

How to Share Files, Apps, Contacts and More Between Windows Phone 8 Devices

Windows Phone 8 devices support NFC (Near-Field Communication) connectivity, allowing your device to send files, websites and more to other NFC-enabled devices simply by touching the two devices together. This guide explains to Windows Phone 8 users how to share files, websites, contacts, apps and games with other devices by using the NFC feature.

Excel Tip – Easily Calculate A Moving Average Using Excel’s Data Analysis ToolPak

The average, sometimes referred to as the mean, is the arithmetic average of a set of values. A moving average however is a set of averages over any period of time, for example over two, three, five or ten years or even twenty years and I myself use them commonly over periods of three months sales in business to analyse trends. This articles takes you through how to calculate and optionally chart the moving average with Excel

IOS Or Android?

The war between IOS and Android is emerging swiftly. Presently, the main reason separating the two is the security system and the applications as well. With the newly given concept of iPhone 6 which possesses a projector and a laser mode, who knows what is about to come in the near future?

Informatica MDM – Why Use It?

Data can be rather diverse and different and it is very important for all businesses to be able to know which data it owns and which it does not. Sometimes, a lot of confusion can arise which can complicate the overall day to day operations of certain businesses. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, systems must be used at all times in order to see which data is owned by the businesses and which is not so that it can be easily shared, without any confusion, in the long run. Only with the help of systems can businesses recognize, find and share data according to the way they want.

Tips for Making Windows 10 Operational on a Mac PC for Free of Cost

With the launch of Windows 10 technical preview, the Windows users must have successfully managed to get the invitation in order to test the technical preview in their devices. But have you been left out because you are a Mac user? This article will present you the tips on how you can run the latest Windows OS on your Mac system that too for free.

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