Linux Tutorial Series – 50 – Recap

ERP System Demonstrations

The system demonstration is a critical element in a structured ERP system selection process. This article addresses the main questions you should be looking to answer.

How A Project Management App Helps Handle Competing Priorities

If you are looking for the simplest way to better manage the multiple tasks for your small or big business, a project management app can be just what you are looking for. This type of app allows you to take your business on the go with you and increase accessibility completely. Now being organized is just as easy as taking your iPhone or iPad with you wherever you go.

Master Data Management And The World Of Spend Management

This blog throws light on one of the most critical pillars supporting spend management: MDM. With quality MDM solutions and dedicated efforts comes success.

Using Microsoft Excel Efficiently: An Introduction to Paste Special

Copy and paste are among the first skills most people learn when they begin working with computer software. That is just the beginning. If you aren’t using Paste Special as well as Paste then you are missing out when it comes to Microsoft Excel.

Why You Must Look For A Real Estate Website?

Property Investments are the tricky decisions, they involve sweating research or intensive knowledge of the business. You can’t just pick any piece of land, and donate your money in any deal.

What Is the Android Operating System?

The beginning of the Android operating system is directly related to the company Android Inc., which was founded by Andy Rubinera, Nick Sears and Chris White in October 2003 in the city of Palo Alto, California. Initially, the company developed technology fully independent from other companies and had their projects in absolute secrecy.

Pandora FMS PosgreSQL Monitoring

PostgreSQL is a very powerful and stable database management system (SGBD) that allows managing a very large amount of data. In its more than 16 years of active development by a selfless, altruistic and free community of developers, PostgreSQL has become a well-known SGBD to the level of other proprietary solutions.

Most Common Modes of Obtaining Mac Support

The company also offers Mac Support to its users in the form of live as well as online support. Official support sources are available for free till the product is under warranty but when it has expired some of the live modes become paid.

Things To Keep Mind For Google Glass App Development

Google Glass is the very latest technology which was introduced two years back by Google, but the development of its apps is quite different from that of the Smartphone apps. So certain important things should be kept in mind for the app development of the Google Glass.

How To Make Your Hotel Work More Effectively

Hotels are notorious for being hard to run. There is so much going on less than one roof, that anyone could lose track of what is happening. Even the best managers will get confused and feel stressed when running a hotel.

How Technology Has Changed The Restaurant Business

Have you ever been in a restaurant and found the process to be extremely long winded. You would have had to have phoned the restaurant to make a reservation, arrived in time to wait to be seated, make an order with one member of staff and then wait to pay another member of staff at the till.

5 Benefits of Appointment by Text in the Medical Field

There’s so much traffic involved in confirming, checking and rescheduling appointments in the medical field. Stress has become second nature to employees who have to deal with various appointment issues – unconfirmed appointments, double-booking and patient no-shows. As a result, healthcare facilities suffer in terms of productivity, staff efficiency as well as revenues.

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