Linux Tutorial Series – 52 – Standard input and output streams

Recruitment Management Software Is The Ideal Foil For The HR Department

The burgeoning rise of the internet has opened up a plethora of advertising options for small and large businesses. The creation of a website dedicated to the company and its products or service has become an integral part of the setup process now.

Find Out How to Restore Corrupted Excel Files

Microsoft Office suite is a common application among end users all over the world. Due to its innovation, it is often used in computer systems from educational institutions, organizations, hospitals, small businesses to large corporate houses. In the complete MS Office suite, Microsoft Excel is commonly used for everyday activities which provide exceptional features for keeping records of essential information and details. On accounts of corruption to xls data files, at certain times you have to be able to recover corrupted Excel documents.

Speech Recognition a New Technological Innovation

Just as we recognize a person by his or her appearance and voice, in the same way, speech technology can help devices observe spoken hints from the surroundings. By hearing unobtrusively and consistently, a voice technology can store information into a program, assisting other sensory sources and help make a better image of a situation.

Cloud Storage – Is It Really a Safe Option?

Cloud storage is no doubt the most reliable form of storage and backup available. There are certain reservations that exist in the perceptions of IT users but, investing in reliable cloud storage software/provider is something worth investing in.

Why Use Call Center Simulation?

Call centers are one of the most trying working environments that require patience, team work and the ability to empathize with the customer while solving their problems or enquiries. This requires a certain type of person, which is why this particular industry has such a high turnover of staff. Companies spend a lot of time and dedication training their staff and getting them to a point where they can handle a customer enquiry with ease, the last thing a company wants is that staff member leaving.

Difference Between Web and Software Development

A website is a blend of software and hardware working together to serve up webpages. On the other hand, a software program is coded by programmers to execute a specific task, for instance web page serving. A common feature of the two is they both require hardware to function.

Photo Editing Software – Making Our Lives Much Easier

Digital technology has significantly changed the world of photography. In the past, you needed to develop and print the photos you take in a darkroom, using special equipment and chemicals. Nowadays, digital photography makes photo processing and printing possible by using your computer, and without all the trouble of using chemicals or doing it in a darkroom.

3 Simple Ways to Speed Up a Mac

Nothing beats the performance of a brand new Mac. It’s quick to load up, and can tackle multiple tasks with ease. While you may do your best to keep your Mac clean, photos, documents and your iTunes library may actually be slowing things down.

The Inevitable Need for Data Archiving

Data archiving is the process of identifying inactive data and moving it into long-term storage devices. The process of data archiving is important for organizations that generate large quantities of information on a daily basis but also need to retain old data for future reference.

Five Points That Proves Cloud HR Tools Are Better Than Manual Proceedings

Gone are the days when we were solely dependent on paper work and manual proceedings for keeping track on employee progress in organizations. Today is the era of digitization. In this era, keyboard and online pages have replaced pencil and paper games.

Your Ideas Delivered With PowerPoint Slide Animation

Microsoft PowerPoint application happens to be one of the leading means of presentation that has long been utilized in offices since the past couple of years. This is considering the fact that PowerPoint presentations are effortless to create, convenient to be brought anywhere where one has to present a speech, and inexpensive. So as an alternative to leaving your performance at just a presentation, you may likewise develop it into a more successful presentation!

Oracle Database Administrator Job Interview Preparation Questions

Before you go for an interview, it is a good practice to complete your home work. These are the basics that you should understand before showing up for a technical Oracle Interview.

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