Linux Tutorial Series – 69 – The file command

An Introduction to Server Performance Monitoring and Profiling

There are many ways to define performance such as queries per second, CPU utilization, scalability, and so forth. One description that I like to use is that performance is measured by the time required to complete a task, or simply put it is the response time. This is an essential basic principle.

Understanding the Technology of 3D Scanning

When you read about 3D scanning, it is generally in reference to laser scanning. This is a technique that is used to capture digital information about terrain and real world objects. The process of 3D scanning and related online printing service uses the process of a beam of laser light.

The Wonder of Creating 3D Printing Organs

There might have been a time when 3D printing organs might have seemed like something that jumps out of a science fiction book. Today it is very much a possibility, thanks to the 3D printing technology advancement that has taken place. There are bio-artificial organs that are replacement body parts.

The Future of Dogecoin

What is the future of Dogecoin? The meme-based cryptocurrency took the world by storm and gathered a huge amount of media attention. Since then, its price has fluctuated quite a bit. Will the meme uniqueness wear off or can Dogecoin survive and play in the big leagues of cryptocurrencies?

Call Tracking Is Important for Your Marketing Agency

If you’re a marketing agency, you definitely realize that both offline and online marketing play a huge role in your company’s process of creating marketing strategies. This means you have to be able to accurately track leads back to their marketing channel, whether offline or online. You may be using some analytics tool to track your conversions, but if you are missing on a significant amount of essential data if you are not using call tracking at the same time.

How Does Cloud E-Retailing Solution Benefit Online Reservation Systems?

The Cloud e-Retailing solutions is the future generation platform for service oriented business. Right from a private hotel to the massive online reservation system, and a normal supermarket to a huge e-commerce store, depend on Cloud e-Retailing solutions to grow their business rapidly and efficiently.

Are People Becoming Discouraged With Going Paperless?

Every so often, a technology emerges that completely changes offices around the world, no matter the industry the business is involved in. These are the types of tools that might not seem immediately necessary, but after a while, if other companies haven’t bought in, they’re not likely to succeed in the long run. A few examples?

Embrace Digital Workflow to Connect With the Younger Workforce

There are so many benefits that go along with implementing document management software in the workplace that it’s almost foolish to ignore the technology at this point. Many company leaders have very strong, positive feelings about moving to the digital sphere and tell their peers that completing the transition is going to be great for not only the business, but it will make invoicing and communications with its corporate partners much simpler as well.

Big Data: Five Ways It Can Help Increase Customer Retention

Big Data is changing the way businesses go about their customer retention strategy. This article outlines five ways that Big Data can be used to improve the customer’s experience and to deliver them the quality content they actually want to see. The result, more sales and better retention of your existing customers.

How Real Estate Transaction Software Saves You Money

The weekly real estate agent meeting typically includes a lengthy discussion about finances. Depressed housing prices, coupled with soaring office and transaction costs, create a stressful working environment.

Getting Past The Data

You may be surprised to learn that many finance and technology executives, while they value data and are motivated to deliver data-driven action in their enterprises, are not sure how to effectively manage their data resources and turn voluminous amounts of data into effective and useful business insights that drive action. So it is not surprising that many managers in law and other professional service firms face the same uncertainty with respect to their businesses. According to a recent data and analytics report on the findings of a study commissioned by KPMG Capital, more than two-thirds of…

Do It Yourself Business Intelligence Software

In an article published recently on written by John Parkinson, an affiliate partner at Waterstone Management Group, the author cites an old design heuristic he learned years ago: “No one knows what they want until you give them what they ask for.” He goes on to say that “no matter what we put in a report, and no matter how well the content meets the needs of a specific audience, other audiences will want something different.

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