Linux Tutorial Series – 7 – Superuser and a regular user – what is the difference?

Different Components of a Complete Project Management System

Having an effective project management system means not having to spend time on distractions. A project management system that is designed for your project by a third party can do just that, removing the amount of time you would otherwise have to spend creating and maintaining such a system. Let’s take a look at what you should be looking for, and see how a compliment of various components can be used to create an effective project management system.

Time-Saver Tips: Track Your Game Usage

It seems there is always a shortage of time no matter how well you try to manage things, whether at work, for family engagements, or just finding space for yourself to catch your breath! Now with the infinite possibilities and distractions online, especially via smart phones or tablets, many people resort to using multitasking applications, reminders and data trackers as time-savers for both work and entertainment. Hypothetically this should help with time management, yet the end result shows little improvement in saving time.

Excel Tip – Stuck In The Middle – Exploring The Median In Excel

As you probably know, the MEAN function is a useful way to summarise a group of numbers using Excel. Finding the AVERAGE or MEAN is a function used frequently, but if you use it on a regular basis then you may notice that it is really sensitive to extreme values that maybe part of your data set. So an addition of even one extreme number to your data can result in your MEAN not be a good representative of your data set. Learn how to use the MEDIAN function in Excel through a working example.

SCADA in the Cloud

One of today’s hottest buzzwords in the world of computing and information technology is ‘cloud computing.’ With many large and well-known companies adopting cloud-computing concepts, it is becoming clear that this may be something more than a passing fad.

Cloud ERP – The Future Backbone of The IT Industry

“Cloud ERP” – this term is regularly surfing in the IT corridors from the past couple of years. But only a handful people truly understand its real meaning and worth. This piece of document is written to let you know the basics of both the technologies, along with their HYBRID.

Microsoft Word: Top 10 New Features in Word 2013

Word 2013 boasts useful new and improved features across the board, from document creation to reading, editing, and collaboration. While it packs in quite a few updates, you should have no trouble getting accustomed to it because most of the menus, options, and tools behave like previous versions of Word. And all of the familiar tips and keyboard shortcuts are still supported. You’ll soon discover there’s a lot to like about Microsoft Word 2013.

Excel Tip – Customise The Number Of Recently Used Excel Files

Excel (like many Office programs) displays the last few documents you have opened so that you can use those links to quickly access files. This feature is turned on by default, but you can turn it off, turn it back on, clear, or adjust the number of files that it displays. Adjusting the number of files that it displays is easy to adjust to your personal preference. This article will show you how to set these options in Excel

Invoicing and Time Tracking CRM Solution

Look out for the key ingredients an invoicing and time tracker CRM must have in it. The article presents some crucial services a CRM providing company must offer to its clients.

Software Development in India Or Mumbai

When it comes to software development the first name that pops in most of the minds is India, and there is a very good reason behind that. India leads the world in Software Development. With around $100 billion dollars per annum worth of industry, 40% of the country’s GDP and 30% of total export earnings, India leads the world in regards to software development.

Software Development in Mumbai and Maharashtra

Here we shall be concentrating on the city of Mumbai in regards to Software Development. Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Excel Tip – Understanding The Dollar Sign In An Excel Formula

As you probably know formulas refer to cells by pointing to the cell reference, for example A1 and B2. There are three types of cell references that can’t be use in Excel – Relative, Absolute and Mixed. This article explains them all and when to use them in your Excel formulas.

Differentiate Your Wholesale Distribution Business With SAP

The wholesale industry is constantly developing, forcing companies to find new and innovative ways to stay competitive and maintain growth. If you are expanding your product line, improving your supply chain, or simply gaining greater visibility into your financials, SAP ERP solutions can help you accomplish your objectives.

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