Linux Tutorial Series – 8 – Linux distribution

Aspects That Make Tivoli Storage Manager Important

Complex data management in big enterprises is often a challenge. Advanced applications like Tivoli Storage Manager has simplified the entire concept of enterprise data backup and restore.

The Importance of an Automated Time Attendance Software in Current Times

Using an automated employee time attendance software can help in you several ways. This article shares the importance of implementing such software / systems.

The Genesis of ERP Software

Beginning in the 1980s, a company called MCBA introduced several individual software modules, each of which was designed to automate accounting functions within a business. Shortly after MCBA introduced their products, another company called Macola followed suit.

Effective Project Management Software

Managing a project means solving a whole host of problems. Some of these problems can be approached and resolved before the project begins, while others will slowly emerge over the course of the project. While there are some elements of the project that you will not be able to control for, you can put in place an effective system for handling these problems in a timely and orderly fashion.

6 Best Practices for Software Testing

Software testing is a very important part of the software development process. It helps refine a product or program so that it functions appropriately in the desired environments, working in timely manner, and meeting stakeholder expectations. Read this article to learn more about best practices for software testing.

How Text Messaging Appointment Software Can Help Doctors and Healthcare Service Providers

Technology advances make life easier and quicker. It brings comfort and makes things done more efficiently. When it comes to the medical industry, physical therapists, dentists, surgeons and other specialists who maintain a medical clinic besides being residents in a hospital may benefit more from innovations in information and communication technology.

Excel Tip – How To Compress Picture Size In Excel

If you ever have inserted pictures into an Excel spreadsheet then this is one of the tips you will want to know. A picture can go a long way to enhance your Workbook, after all it can tell a thousand words!- maybe it is a logo for your company or an informational visual to compliment your spreadsheet. message. If you are using a picture in your Excel work book then you will need to balance the value of the visual, with the increase in size of the file that will result from using a picture in the work book. This article will show you how to compress the size of your pictures in Excel

Test Your App’s Performance on Graph API 2.0 With Facebook’s New Tool

As we all know that Facebook’s upgrade to Graph API 2.0 and relinquishing of Graph API 1.0 has been all set for April 30 next year. Facebook has announced a new tool which allows developers to preview their apps’ performance on new Graph API 2.0.

Excel Tip – Set Stable Widths On Your Excel Pivot Table

Have you ever just got your Pivot Table looking great, the cells widths just as you want them, then have refreshed your table to add more data into it and all of your hard work formatting your cells been lost. This is due to one small setting – a detail that once you know about, it will no doubt be one of your go to settings when creating a Pivot in the future. This article will show you how to ensure that you can set column widths that do not change on table refresh.

Excel Tip – Using the ROUNDDOWN Function In Excel

Excel has a lot of in built Functions. Today let’s look at the ROUNDOWN formula or function in Excel. Now let’s be clear here before we start, once you start to round numbers up or down, you do lose precision in your data. If this is a concern I would recommend just reducing the number of decimal places in your cells by using the formatting options in Excel. But if you want to ROUNDDOWN numbers in Excel here is the easiest way to do it.

Network Software: Build an Effective and Stable Network

Usually, it is the task of the system administrator in the organization to make its network stable and reliable. His effective operation requires him to know all the information on the network: number of hosts, where they are situated, quality of connections between them, their operation, and many other aspects.

Excel Tip – Top 5 Ways to Avoid Problems With Your Excel Spreadsheet

When developing a spread sheet solution in Excel, you make decisions and change features and formulas which at the time make perfect sense and have a logical flow. Once you come back to amend, or enhance or troubleshoot your spread sheet, what made sense at the time of development, may not be so obvious at a later date.

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