Linux Tutorial Series – 94 – Review

Helping Employees Succeed

Unfortunately, modern technology has created a challenging stumbling block for employers – the Internet. While there’s no doubt that the World Wide Web has provided countless benefits to companies throughout the world, it has also presented a daily temptation to workers.

Include CRM in Your Upcoming Business Strategy in 2014

This article tells you the importance of CRM technology and gives you a valid reason to add it in your upcoming business strategy. 2014 is coming with various opportunities as well as challenges. CRM can help dealing those challenges in efficient way.

How to Make the Most of Your Access Control Solution

The majority of small businesses may have some form of access control solution in use. For most sites, access control has been brought in to replace the traditional lock and key, to generate more security, limit access and help with employee attendance and visitor management. These days most employees will have an ID card of some kind that will allow them into their office building.

Android Security: How Secure Is Your Android Phone?

Android phones are small, but powerful devices which are prone to external attacks such as malware. In addition, these devices are hot target for crooks as the data and the device itself can both prove to be of great value for criminals. Thus, it is recommended you utilize the various security applications on the Play Store, as most of them are free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Is Cloud Based Master Data Management The Future Of MDM?

Cloud based MDM solutions are helping businesses achieve success with their data, through processes like data quality management. But how useful are they?

Importance of Accurate Financial Data Management

Accuracy is important in any kind of record keeping database. Consumers want to have products that are going to be secure and easy to use. Financial data management needs to keep files up-to-date with a current balance at all times.

Medisoft Support For A Better Protection

When you have found a charging product that can give you all of these things then you will know that you have found the right product that will help your medical practice to succeed and to make sure that you don’t end up like so many medical practices that recently closed. Just remember to choose your provider from Medisoft Support wisely though since the wrong choice can just as easily reduce your efforts to ashes and cause your medical practice to fail, from causing your patients to lose trust in you to losing your ability to generate any kind of profit.

Outsourcing IT Support: Reality Vs Myth

IT support services have come a long way. Gone are the days, when hiring an internal support staff was the only option people had.

Introduction to DVD Rippers

A very frequent complaint of people is to keep buying DVDs as they get easily scratched and rendered useless. The users keep looking for ways to preserve the content on DVDs. One option they have is of creating a copy of DVDs on the hard-disc drive.

The Search Engine Optimization Guide: “The Description Meta Tag”

The Description Meta Tag provides summaries for each page. “A page’s description tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about.”

SAP Information Management: Future Proof Your Business

With the advent and rise of the internet through the 90’s our computing powers, internet technologies, and love for on demand content has brought about exponential growth in data and data generation capabilities. With more and more world citizens logging on the internet, more companies are acquiring customers and expanding their business around the world. The flow of data looks like it is set to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Bugs in the Living Room

Until recently, computers were probably the only consumer devises that relied on software applications. If you did not use computers, you were pretty much isolated from software and software bugs. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. Software form integral part of most commonly used electronic items. Your automobiles, TV, cable box, cell phone, security system and even treadmill have software components. Unfortunately, the enriched user experiences provided by these software components come at a price. For example, it is not uncommon, when you are watching your favorite TV program, you are interrupted by annoying messages saying that the cable box will be rebooted because of a firmware update. When you sit down with your family for a pizza and movie night, the blue ray player might not play the disc because of missing software patches. Most of the time, these updates are required to fix software bugs. Software bug was the reason for a recent major Toyota Prius recall.

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