Linux Tutorial Series – 97 – User identification, authentication and authorization

When and When Not to Use Bar Codes With a Maintenance Software

With a simple beep, a bar code scanner can bring up the correct item in a matter of seconds, saving you the effort of searching through your register or inventory for a particular item. This system has been around for years now and is advancing along with the systems it is used alongside.

The Big Issue of Document Solutions: High Volume Document Printing

Clients are increasingly changing their strategy for communicating with enterprises, such as telephone organizations, banks, insurance vendors, etc. This is the result of the present scenario worldwide, where most of data is offered to every person.

Chrome Crashes? Here’s the Solution That Works

Chrome crashes are common in nature. They are experienced while surfing the Internet, playing online games and multimedia objects. Merely restarting the system temporarily helps however the root cause remains unsolved.

Points to Contemplate When Acquiring a Document Management Package

These days, companies are feeling increasingly more the requirement of a Document Management solution, basically because of large quantity of information they handle and develop every day. This is the reason having a correct and comprehensive DMS able to organize it accordingly has turned a vital factor.

Tools For Project Collaboration

It is a well-known fact that when a business is working on a project, teams that are not unified will greatly hold back accomplishments. Every project needs collaboration but what tools help to accomplish this? What do companies use to establish effective communication across departments and teams?

SaaS Dangers – License Expiration

SaaS Loves Deadlines Cloud services are no longer uncommon but there are still thousands of unwitting cloud users in the technical market; gamers using PlayStation Plus (1) or Xbox LIVE (2) is just one example. The problem with not being entirely clued up with cloud subscriptions is that their expiry dates have a habit of creeping up. Though gamers might argue otherwise, the loss of a couple achievements or save states pales against the consequences larger businesses and organisation face when and if they forget about subscription deadlines.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, Version 8 Presents: A New Vision in Voice Morphing Software.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond version 8 introduces a major interface upgrade and consolidates control of all modules in an easy-to-use presentation. In addition, this program will amaze user an excellent voice morphing performance.

How to Use Google Play Music on IOS Devices

It’s not the first time that I’ve been approached and asked how to use Google Play Music on an iOS device. This has led me to believe that they’ll be others who may have encountered the same problem. Therefore, I’m here to share my experience in the best hope that it can help to provide an answer to that question.

How To Surge Your Cyber Monday Sales With Live Chat Software?

Cyber Monday is a day of online retailers, where they reap the most sales benefits. They make special preparations to handle traffic load and to catch as many customers as they can. Taking the edge of latest online business tools like live chat software, the retailers surge their Cyber Monday sales by delivering enhanced customer experience, despite having a bulk of traffic on their e-stores.

Creating a Summary Sheet by Linking Cells in Microsoft Excel

The data on an Excel spreadsheet can be overwhelming when you are looking for specific information hidden within it. Help yourself and those who share your data by creating a summary sheet that includes all information you want to find quickly.

How Do I Choose the Right SCADA Software?

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software is growing in popularity every day. What do you need to know before deciding which software is right for you?

Work More Efficiently by Putting Windows Side-By-Side

Do you ever wish you could put two windows side-by-side rather than clicking back and forth between windows? Well, you can. This article explains a very useful tip on how you can work more efficiently by shrinking windows down and placing them side-by-side. An example of how this would be used? Let’s say you’re working in Microsoft Word on a report and you want to reference information in that report from Microsoft Excel. An efficient way to do this is to put the window with your report and the window with your Excel data side-by-side. This article provides step-by-step directions for how to do this.

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