Looking Forward to Ubuntu 22.10 – What to Expect?

Reasons to Password Protect a USB Stick and How to Do It

In this day and age it is important to keep all your private data private. When you keep your data in a portable storage device such as a USB stick, you never know when it might get lost, or worse; fall into the wrong hands. There are many reasons as to why you should password protect USB stick.

Increasing Security For Your Flash Drives

What with rampant cyber crime and the increased cases of computer hacking, it has become imperative that people devise the best of ways to secure their computers and PCs. This also applies to your flash drives just as much as your main machine. Ensuring the security of your USB drive could aid in the protection of your documents and other information from hackers and thieves.

MS Excel Tutorial – Tables-Creating An Excel Table

From Excel 2007 onwards you can use the Table command to convert a data list or set into a formatted Excel Table. Once your data is converted into a table you can use their many features such a filtering, sorting, searching to help you view and organise your data. Here is a step by step guide to create an Excel Data Table

Big Data and Its Importance for an Enterprise

”Big Data” has recently emerged as an important aspect of business intelligence solutions for enterprises globally. This article discusses some of the aspects of “Big Data” and its impact as well as applications in the field of enterprise data analytics.

What Is CMMS Software and What Are Its Uses?

A CMMS software application is one that maintains a computer database of data and information in relation to the maintenance operations of an organization. The purpose of such information stored in the software is to assist maintenance workers in performing their jobs much more effectively and efficiently. In addition, it is intended to help managers to make better and well-informed decisions.

Use Training Management Software to Increase Effectiveness of Your Training System

In today’s fast changing business environment, developing skilled employees is a key lever in gaining a competitive edge over your peers. The multi-billion dollar training industry is growing bigger than ever with corporate organizations investing substantial capital in adopting the best training management solutions. However, there are many organizations that are still unaware of the huge benefits of the Cloud-based training management software. As a result, they are either going in for incompetent solutions or not opting for a solution at all for their training management and its related requirements, thereby compromising on the quality of the training procedures.

Impact of Class Management Software on Online Learning

Cloud computing has heralded a new age in online classroom management. With a number of software solutions already available nowadays, online learning is becoming increasingly popular and interactive. The days of blackboards, pens, and paperbacks are bygones; instead laptops, tablets, eBoards, and digital projectors are making fast forays into the virtual classrooms. The future seems promising for e-learning, and all of this has been made possible by the advancement in class management software.

Selling PDF Files – Make Money Selling PDF Documents Online

Selling PDFs: Do you have PDF file(s) you wish to sell? If you do, this is the article for you! PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDF documents can be created easily, if you have Microsoft word. It is just a matter of “Saving As”. Once the PDF document of your choice has been created, it can be sold on the internet. Read this article to find out more.

The Simplest Way to Convert AVI to MP4

With the modernization of technology, gadgets become more advanced and a bit complicated. A good example would be that of the evolution of media players. Before, watching the videos are only limited to using PC based applications. Today, however, a lot more platforms can be used to play videos. The only thing that stops someone into watching anything they want is the issue about compatibilities between a device and some file formats.

The Advantages of AVI to MP4 File Converters for Mac

You are probably aware that some devices do not support or recognize AVI files, like Mac computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads to name a few. The MP4 format has recently outdone the AVI format because of its superior streaming quality in whatever device you play it on, whether on mobile or the internet. That is basically the reason why the MP4 video format is much preferred by consumers.

How to Convert MP4 to AVI in Seconds

There are many instructional videos and guides on the internet on how to successfully convert MP4 files to AVI files. AVI files are important because these are the types of files that your home videos are made out of. This might also be the format of your son’s first home recording. However, on the internet it is most likely known and taught how to convert AVI files to MP4. This article will explain how to do just the opposite. It will explain how to convert MP4 to AVI.

MS Excel Tips: – Top Reasons For Using Named Ranges

Using Named Ranges in Excel is a great way to enforce data validation, write formulas with ease and create easily navigable data areas within your work books. In this article I share my top reasons for using named ranges in your Excel work books.

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