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Developing MAS 90 Software: Four Questions To Ask Your Vendor

Be sure your Sage software support team is experienced in developing MAS 200 and MAS 90 software so that you’re never without a customized solution to any accounting or ERP dilemma. Ask these four questions to determine whether your MAS 90 support team is fully qualified.

The Wonders of Open Source

Open source software has been around for ages. There are many who still smirk at the thought of using open source software. Those who have been introduced to this brand of software are often amazed at all the options and possibilities they have at their disposal. If this is not enough, this brand of software will not cost you anything.

Soaring High in the Clouds

The intricate business of logistics requires companies to be agile and alert possessing open channels of communication with quick access to information. Until recent times logistics companies have relied heavily on the conventional technology solutions for the fulfilment of their needs. However, these solutions are increasingly becoming insufficient to fulfil the ever-growing demands of modern commerce. This is where online or web-based solutions come into play, offering myriad advantages, not available in conventional solutions.

The Importance of JQuery Documentation

If you are searching for a jQuery plugin, then you should have an idea about how you will go about narrowing down all of the options that you will have. You should know that you could spend an extremely long time searching for a plugin because there are thousands available to you.

Get The Best Photo Recovery Software for Your Digital Images

Most of us cannot deny the fact that pictures are worth a thousand words and most of us love to view our images captured some years ago and even some of us have a photo collection as a hobby. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology in computers and digital cameras, people are saving their photos digitally on their personal computers, rather than printing them and saving them in traditional albums. However, when it comes to storage of digital images in computer, there are chances of the photos getting corrupted or lost due to accidental deletion by the user.

Business Accounting Software – How It Has Made the World of Business a Lot Simpler

Business accounting software is one of the most popular business products of today’s time. Accounting is defined as the activity of keeping detailed records of the different transactions of a business.

Efficient Customer Service and Support From Home

Since outsourcing has seen to become a strategic technique to improve business process, customer service and support has become one of the hottest careers across the world. Call-center companies started to flourish, and people started to earn at home by just providing quality customer service to client-corporations.

Seven Practices For A Highly Effective Architecture

As the development of IT systems is getting ever complex and the deployments do have significant business impact, cost of failure is getting high to higher. Architecture of any software system plays very crucial role in its success. This article discusses seven of time tested architectural best practices that are relevant to almost all the business system being developed these days.

How To Adopt Source Code Analysis Tools Successfully?

Software security is an important issue and code analysis plays a crucial role in it. The extensive checks of code analysis help expose several code defects. In order to adopt a tool successfully, a coder has to answer several questions and take into consideration various factors.

Enhance Your Microsoft Outlook Email Signature

It’s time to create an email signature that stands out. You don’t want it to be too big or too small, but at the same time, you want to include all the conveniences that your recipient may want. Obviously name and contact info are a given, but what about your website, Google Map Directions to your office or links to your social media accounts? Links are so easy to add, and you can even add links to images! Continue reading to learn more about adding images and links into your email signature, enticing your recipients to visit your website and other profiles!

The Advantages of Source Code Review

Software development is not an easy task. Even a minute mistake made while the software is being developed can result in critical vulnerabilities. The consequences can be extremely dangerous to the security of the entire network and software.

Antivirus and PC Security for Windows Users

Online support can help you find solutions for removing viruses and malware from your computer. Here are tech support tips that can help you to prevent virus attacks and eliminate the threat of spyware while improving the speed and responsiveness of your computer significantly. Thinking of a home office?

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