Part 14 – Unix/Linux for Testers | Zipping & Extracting Files | tar command

Excel Tip – Using Names To Quickly Navigate Your Excel Work Book

By naming a cell range, function, constant, or table in Excel we can make life a lot easier for ourselves in a couple of ways. This article will you take you through two methods to naming your cell or cell range and how useful they are for navigating around your work sheets but also giving clarity and meaning to your Excel formulas.

Enhance Your Competitive Position Through a Competitive ERP: Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP solution, and a part of the Microsoft Dynamics family. It aids people to administer business changes and manage data effectively, thus helping businesses to stand different in the domestic and international market.

Quick, Efficient and Easy Migration From HP UFT to HP LeanFT

QuickLean migrates UFT scripts to its LeanFT equivalent in Java or C# to be readily used by developers, thus reducing the time to market. This article discusses about some important factors associated with the conversion.

Preparing For 2016 With Cloud Control

What started out as a different way to share files is now a significant extension for almost any business. Initially used for accessing and distributing files in an efficient manner, many skeptics turned a blind eye toward cloud computing and many still are today.

Faster, Smarter and Stronger Designs Are Created Using Revit Software

As the latest and most popular software program for BIM or Building Information Modeling, Revit has many advantages. Users love the features and capabilities it brings to design and are investing in Revit training to not only become more viable in the workplace but to secure the knowledge necessary to be a productive part of their team.

5 Tools Everyone in the Online Privacy Industry Should Be Using

Have you read one blog after the other still having no clue how to start and where to end? Don’t worry then, today all your questions will be answered and all your doubts cleared because we have come up with a list of 5 must-have tools, if want to protect your online privacy from fatal attacks over the internet.

Know The Effectiveness of Software Applications In Trade

Complexities are quite common in these days. With the increasing number of exporters and products, it is not possible to screen their business partners in a manual way. All the exporters should maintain the export rules and regulations.

Can JavaScript Handle Large Scale Enterprise Applications?

According to the latest usage statistics posted on, over 91% of all websites use JavaScript as a client-side programming language. The data clearly indicate that JavaScript is currently being used by enterprises for building and handling a wide variety of websites and web applications.

Understanding Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Windows Server is a group of Operating Systems based on the Windows NT architecture. It is capable of offering server-oriented services like User Management, Messaging, Security and Authorization, Resource Management among Users and Applications, and other Server-dependent Services.

Challenges of Bespoke Software Development and Mitigation

It is needless to say, the current day enterprises would feel helpless without a computerized environment. Various sophisticated hardware and software run the current day businesses. A semi automated work culture has predominated over decades now and increasingly automated processes are coming to place. At the same time, considering the different environment and resource management in organizations, there is an increasing need of specialized software which suits the needs and also cost-effective to procure and use. Realizing this need of customized software deployment in small to largescale organizations, software development firms have come forward to meed the demand yup ply gap. However there remains several challenges which hinder the process of software development and deployment in these organizations.

What Is Azure? Why Would It Be Useful for My Business?

Azure is a service provided by Microsoft which was previously known as Windows Azure. The function of Azure is basically internet-based computing or commonly known as cloud computing which helps in sharing the files and information to any individual or a group of people.

5 Signs You Need to Switch Your Staffing Software

Staffing software is an integral part of your business. If you’re finding that your software is giving you these headaches, it might be time to consider a switch.

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