Path of Exile on Linux | Configuration and Gameplay

Demystifying the Definition of A Quintessential E-Commerce Website

Scroll down to the post to know about the key features of e-commerce website development that will help you to optimize your site, grow your customer base and overall bottom line. Also, tap three influential ways of a successful e-commerce business model.

How To Get Shortened Urls For Files And Documents In Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint supports URLs of up to a maximum length of 260 characters. If a URL, be it of afile or a folder, is any longer than that, SharePoint automatically truncates it. This may even cause a URL to stop working properly, and can lead to major problems, especially if you are planning to share the URL.

The Impact of Enterprise Application (EA) Software on Productivity

The article highlights the impact of enterprise software (EA) on productivity. Further, it explains some of the advantages of EA applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems: Benefits and Functions

The article defines the enterprise resource planning systems. It also illustrates the benefits and functions of ERP systems.

Excel Macro Tips – An Easy Excel Macro To Hide All But Your Active Worksheet

This article will take you step by step to create an Excel Macro to easily and quickly hide all work sheets in an Excel file except the active sheet you are working on. The simple Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) coding that will loop through all of the work sheet names in your Excel work book, and hide them if they do not match the active work sheet’s name. Excel will not let you hide all work sheets in a work book, you must have a least one visible sheet by default.

8 Important Developments in the Enterprise Content Management Market

If one market is evolving, it is that of enterprise content management. Here, we’re clearly seeing a number of trends, which are offering those in the sector many possibilities for improved efficiency and decreasing operational costs. Trends are there to learn from, but first we need to identify them. Let’s take a look at some of the most important.

Finding the Best Professional for Your IT Needs

The security and overall processing of your website is too important to trust to just anyone. You must invest time in finding the best professional to assist you. The wrong IT consulting company can cost you too much money and allow security breaches to happen.

The Best Way to Move Your Online Services

Upgrades and improvements offered through various platforms online are always encouraging. The benefits offered with the updates are worth taking advantage of. The holdup though is the time and the process involved in moving to that new platform system.

Important Reasons to Hire Experts for Your Business

The right information about your market, your consumers, and everything in between can help you to successfully promote your business. It isn’t just about the products or services you offer but also about how you can deliver them. Consumers have to see your business can take care of a need or a want they have.

IT Assistance for Schools and Learning Facilities

Schools and learning facilities have a huge responsibility to make sure everything they offer is up to standards. If they fall behind, they can get into trouble because it puts the students and their learning at risk. IT education solutions can help a learning facility to be able to stay on top of needs and changes.

Don’t Struggle When Help Is Offered

With the assistance of Microsoft Office 365 support, you can get all the help you need. They can provide you with information before you even buy the product and start using it. Perhaps you are ready for the upgrade based on the additional features and efficiency it can offer you.

8 Tools to A/B Test Your Mobile App

I really like performing A/B tests. Since I get a chance to test a number of elements and see how they add more value to the user’s experience. I am sure you all are aware of the term A/B testing.

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