Qtile: First Impressions

Attributes of the Enterprise Security Architecture

This article determines the purpose of the enterprise security. The components and the elements of the infrastructure that is required for the proper functionality of the process.

Best Secure Web Browser: NetSurf Browser Review

NetSurf is a small and efficient multi-platform web browser for Linux, Unix, and RISC OS fans. Whether you want to check your mail, post comments on forums, or read the news, NetSurf is a great option. This interactive web browser comes with a wide range of features such as mouse gestures, access keys, ad filtering, and high portability.

What Are Storage Communities?

Online software communities help connect customers and users with technology experts on common topics of interest. Storage communities are a specialized kind of software community.

Project Management Software – Charts, Graphs, and Other Data Options

  There are numerous benefits to using today’s new project management software programs, but one of the most useful is the ability to create and store graphical information. The backbone of any project, whether it’s large, small, personal, or for business, is information. You must conduct research before you can start assigning tasks and getting the project closer to completion.

Best Scalable and Secured Core Banking System: NikshepCBS Review

This is an independent review about NikshepCBS, a Core Banking System for Co-operative banks. This review has been written from the personal experience and feedback from the end-users of the system.

Can Samsung Leave Android? Hints Are Dropped by New CEO

CEO The new CEO of Samsung Electronics has already called on the team to redouble focus on development of software and this is a hint that they will be moving from Android towards their own operating proprietary system. For the longest time, Samsung has had the desire to push an integrated software and hardware experience by investing in the operating system Bada and selling their devices in selected markets.

The SharePoint Wheel

The SharePoint wheel is actually a graphical representation to show what Microsoft SharePoint can help achieve within organizations. There are 6 main categories of the tools available with SharePoint namely Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights and Composites.

Direct Sales Software 101

What is Direct Sales Software? Well there are quite a number of definitions for it. Direct Sales Software is a highly elaborate, comprehensive software system that manages down line. It is also a sophisticated engine that understands the complexities of sales volume, incentives, bonuses, commission types, promotion qualifications and every other twist imaginable in a compensation plan.

Nearshore Software Developers – Five Compelling Reasons to Use Them

Nearshore software developers have become important and affordable tools of trade for several businesses and people. This professional practice is commonly called nearshoring. This is a form of outsourcing that involves transfer of tasks or information technology processes to organizations in a bordering country. If you live in the UK, for instance, you could pick a nearshore developer in a country like Romania where software development rates are lower. Nearshoring is usually preferred to offshoring because of proximity, as it enables easier coordination of things. Five compelling reasons to use nearshore software developers are explained below.

Network Backup Software Products Review Part 1

Companies always look for reliable tools and methods for protecting their important and confidential business data from being lost through deletion, corruption, etc. You can use network backup software for the purpose but you need to do some market study before you zero in on a solution.

Risks With Unmanaged FTP on Your z/OS Network

The original z/OS FTP does not include basic security safeguards. Its drawbacks include no audit trail and little granularity in access rules. Mainframes being the vital data holders of the organization, one can imagine how catastrophic a security issue with FTP on z/OS can be. Deploying an FTP management software can be the best solution to deal with security issues due to unmanaged z/OS FTP.

Using Network Bandwidth Monitoring Program for Estimating Employees Effectiveness

A good company’s boss should be always aware of how many resources his company uses, how many funds are spent, what are the current expenses on electricity, telephony, and other resources. In the last 10 or 15 years, one more important expense item was added: a modern company’s operation is impossible without a connection to the Internet. To know how much you have to pay for it, firstly you need to know, how much traffic is utilized on your network if your Internet connection is not unlimited.

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